Jüri Tarmak


July 5, 2022

Jüri Tarmak (born July 21, 1946 in Tallinn, died June 22, 2022) - Estonian athlete, high jumper, competing for the Soviet Union, Olympic champion from Munich (1972). His father, Aadu Tarmak, was Estonia's champion in discus throwing between 1943 and 1944. Jüri Tarmak started athletics in 1963. He achieved his greatest success when he studied at the University of Leningrad. He won a silver medal at the 2nd European Indoor Championships in 1971 in Sofia and a bronze medal at the 3rd European Indoor Championships in 1972 in Grenoble. During the 20th Summer Olympics in 1972 in Munich, he unexpectedly won the gold medal and the title of Olympic Champion with the result of 2.23 m. It was the last Olympic gold medal won by an athlete jumping with the crossover style. Jüri Tarmak's life record is 2.25 m, which was the best result in the world in 1972. Jüri Tarmak was passionate about astronomy in his youth and worked before his studies at the observatory. He studied theoretical astronomy at Leningrad University, but eventually graduated in political economy. He was a lecturer in this subject with the title of associate professor.


Order of the Estonian Red Cross, 2nd Class - 2001