Jonny Nilsson


July 5, 2022

Erling Martin Jonny Nilsson (born February 9, 1943 in Gothenburg, died June 22, 2022) - Swedish speed skater, Olympic champion and two-time world championship medalist.


He specialized in long distances. He achieved his first career success in 1963, when he won the 57th World All-round Championships in Karuizawa (Japan). A year later, at the 9th Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, he won the gold medal and the title of Olympic Champion over 10,000 m, ahead of two Norwegians: Fred Anton Maier and Knut Johannesen. During the same Olympics, he also started at twice the distance, taking the sixth position. During the 10th Winter Olympics in Grenoble, held four years later, he was sixth in the 10,000m run and seventh in the 5,000m run. He won the last medal in his career at the 60th World Allround Championships in Gothenburg, where he took third place. In this competition, he was only overtaken by two Dutch players: Kees Verkerk and Ard Schenk. He was also close to the podium at the 59th World All-around Championships in Oslo and the 63rd European All-around Championships in Deventer in 1965, but ultimately ended the competition in fourth place. Jonny Nilsson won 17 Swedish championships: all-round championships in 1964-1967, 1,500m in 1966 and 1967, 5,000m in 1962-1966 and 10,000m in 1963-1968. In 1963, he was honored with Svenska Dagbladets guldmedalj, and a year earlier he was awarded the Oscar Mathisen Prize. Set five world records. After ending his professional career, he moved to politics. He participated in the elections to the European Parliament on behalf of Kristdemokraterna, but did not receive a sufficient number of votes.

World Cup

The all-around world championship gold - 1963 bronze - 1966



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