Yuri Shatunov


July 5, 2022

Yuriy Vasilyevich Shatunov (Russian: Юрий Васильевич Шатунов; born September 6, 1973 in Kumiertau, died June 23, 2022 in Moscow) - Russian singer, vocalist of the band Łaskowyj Maj in 1986–1991.

Curriculum vitae

He was born on September 6, 1973 in the family of Vasily Vladimirovich Klimenka (January 1, 1950 - May 19, 2020) and Vera Gavrilovna Shatunova (January 27, 1955 - November 7, 1984) in Kumertau in the Bashkir ASSR. Due to cold relations with his father, Yuri took the surname of his mother and spent the first years of his life with his maternal grandparents - Ekaterina Ivanovna (December 5, 1924 - November 26, 2002) and Gavriła Yegorowicz Shatunov (June 4, 1923 - January 20, 1976) in the village of Pyatki (suburb of Kumertau) ). When the boy was 3 years old, his parents divorced, his grandfather died, and in 1977 Yuri and Viera moved to the village of Savelievka. After some time, the mother married a second time. However, the stepfather had problems with alcohol, and Yuri often ran away from home to relatives, most often to his grandmother. In 1980, he enrolled in a school in the village of Stara Otrada. In September 1984, his mother took him to boarding school No. 2 in Kumertau due to a serious illness, and two months later she died of a heart attack. His stepfather showed no interest in his son and Yuri was taken in by his aunt Nina Gavrilovna from the village of Tyulgan. Even there, he ran away from home and from November 1984 to October 1985 he wandered around Bashkiria and the Orenburg Region. In November 1985, a guardianship commission was set up in Orenburg to look after Jurij. Valentina Tazekenova, the director of an orphanage in Akbulak, met him there and sympathized with his fate. In October 1986, Tazekenova became the headmistress of the boarding school No. 2 in Orenburg, where he also transferred Yuri. In a boarding school in Orenburg he met Sergei Kuznetsov, the manager of an amateur art group, and so began the history of the band Laskowy Maj. In 1986 he joined the band as a new vocalist. During his time, the band gained the greatest popularity thanks to the song "Белые розы" ("Biełyje rozzy"), which became a hit. In 1991 he left the group to start a solo career, then he left for Germany. In 2014, he performed for the first time in Poland, at the 19th National Festival of Dance Music in Ostróda. On June 20, 2022, he gave his last concert in Podolsk, after which the singer complained of chest pains.

Private life

He was married to Svetlana Shatunova née Georgievna, with whom he married in 2007 in Germany. They had a son Denis (born 2006) and a daughter Estelle (born 2013). Yuri Shatunov died during the night of June 23, 2022 of acute heart failure (heart attack) in a Moscow hospital; the singer's condition deteriorated critically on the way to the hospital in Domodedovo, where he underwent intensive resuscitation, but could not be saved. Yuri Shatunov's funeral ceremonies took place on June 26, 2022 in the farewell hall at the Troykurovsky cemetery in Moscow, and a day later he was cremated. On June 28, 2022, the urn with his ashes was partially buried in the Moscow Troykurovsky cemetery and the other part of the ashes, according to the singer's will, will be scattered in one of the lakes in Munich, Germany.



You will remember (Ты помнишь, 1995) Iskusstwannoje dychanie (Искусственное дыхание, 1996) Memories of May (Вспомни май, 2001) Siedaja nocz (Седая ночь, 2002) Padajut listia (Падают листья, 2002) Dniewnik (nieizdannoje) (Дневник (неизданное), 2003) If you choczesz ... Don't be afraid (Если хочешь… Не бойся, 2004) Save my dove (Запиши мой голос, 2007)


"Белые розы" ("Biełyje roszy") "Розовый