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October 17, 2021


October 17 is the 290th (291st in leap years) day in the Gregorian calendar. There are 75 days left until the end of the year.


Name days are celebrated by: Augustine, Florentyn, Heron, Ignacy, Laurentina, Lucyna, Małgorzata, Mamelta, Marian, Niceta, Rudolf, Rudolf, Rudolfina, Seweryn, Sulisław, Wiktor and Susanna. Haiti - Death Anniversary of Jean-Jacques Dessalines North Ossetia - Day of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania US Virgin Islands - Friendship Day in Puerto Rico International - International Day for Combating Poverty (established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992) memorials and holidays of the Catholic Church celebrate: bl. Contardo Ferrini (third) st. Heron († 2nd century, Patriarch of Antioch) st. Ignatius of Antioch (Ignatius of Antioch, bishop and martyr) st. Małgorzata Maria Alacoque (some sources say October 14) bl. Martyrs of Valenciennes (also October 23) st. Nothelm (Archbishop of Canterbury) bl. Piotr Casani (Piarist)

Events in Poland

1600 - Second Polish-Swedish War: Swedish troops conquered Pärnu. 1655 - The Swedish Deluge: Swedish troops captured Krakow. 1660 - The Polish-Cossack agreement of Mirosław was concluded. 1676 - The truce was signed in Żurawno, ending the 4th Polish-Turkish war. 1781 - The Stary Theater in Krakow was opened. Performances were held in the building of the Spiš Palace at the Main Square. 1783 - The Prussians started the blockade of Gdańsk. 1830 - After the victorious revolutions in Belgium and France broke out, which could undermine the Holy Alliance, Tsar Nicholas I Romanov ordered mobilization in the Polish and Russian armies. 1863 - Romuald Traugutt became dictator of the January Uprising. 1897 - The City Hall in Biała is put into operation (now part of Bielsko-Biała) 1906 - The first school year begins at the Polish Gymnasium in Łódź. 1929 - The premiere of the film "Sinful Love" directed by Mieczysław Krawicz and Zbigniew Gniazdoowski. 1944 - Jan Matejko's painting Battle of Grunwald, which was hidden in a village near Lublin during World War II, was handed over to the head of the department of culture and art at the PKWN. 1972 - Premiere of the film Sklip directed by Jan Łomnicki. 1973 - After the opening of the tomb and research in the Świętokrzyska Chapel at Wawel, the re-funeral of the Queen of Poland and the Grand Duchess of Lithuania, Elżbieta Rakuszanka, took place. 1974 - A ground satellite communication station is opened in Psary-Kąty near Kielce. 1983 - The premiere of the film Klakier, directed by Janusz Kondratiuk. 1984 - 4 people were killed and 60 were injured in a train crash in Bąków (Kluczbork poviat). 1988 - Premiere of the sensational film The Bermuda Triangle, directed by Wojciech Wójcik. 1992 - The Sejm of the Republic of Poland passed the so-called Little Constitution. 1997: Jerzy Buzek has been designated as Prime Minister. The new Polish Constitution entered into force. 1999 - The Penal Fiscal Code entered into force. 2008 - The Górka Castle in Szamotuły hosted the premiere of the anonymous baroque opera Heca or the hunt for a hare in a new version, considered to be the oldest Polish opera.

World events

456 - Western Roman Emperor Avitus was deposed. 1244 - Crusades: the Crusaders are defeated in the Battle of the Egyptians and Khorezmyns at Harbia. 1346 - After his defeat at the Battle of Neville's Cross, King David II of Scotland was captured by the English. 1404 - Cosimo Gentile de'Migliorati was elected Pope and took the name of Innocent VII. 1448 - The Hungarian-Turkish battle in Kosovo begins. 1456 - The University of Greifswald was founded. 1483 - Inquisitor General of Castile Tomás de Torquemada was additionally appointed by Pope Sixtus IV as Inquisitor General of Aragon. 1604 - German ace

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