Karol Lambert


October 17, 2021

Karol Karłowicz Lambert (Russian: Карл Карлович Ламберт) (born 1815, died 20 July 1865) - Russian cavalry general, acting governor of the Kingdom of Poland from August to October 1861, count. From 1833 he served in the army, in 1836 he became a lieutenant. In the years 1840-1844, sent to the Caucasus several times, he participated in suppressing the Chechen uprising. In 1848, appointed chief of staff of the II Cavalry Reserve Corps, he took part in the suppression of the Hungarian uprising. In 1849 he was appointed major-general, from 1855 a general-adjutant, in 1857 he was appointed lieutenant-general. On August 6, 1861, he was elevated to the rank of cavalry general, appointed governor of the Kingdom of Poland and commander of the 1st Army. On August 12, he joined the Council of State. On October 14, 1861, on the orders of St. Petersburg, he introduced martial law. He was a Catholic. He was awarded the Order of the White Eagle (1859), the Order of Saint Włodzimierz II class (1852), the Order of Saint Anne I, II and IV class, and the Order of Saint Stanislaus III class (1841).


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