Funiculars in Karlovy Vary


August 12, 2022

The funicular railway in Karlovy Vary was built in the first two decades of the 20th century. Of the four railways under construction, three have been completed, two of which are still operational. From the beginning, all of them had an electric drive, a track gauge of 1000 mm and were single-track with one passing bar. Underground funicular railway Plac Teatralny - Imperial, built in 1905–1907, originally private, now municipal. It is the only one that is fully integrated with the public transport system. Slovak - Imperial funicular railway, put into use in 1912, originally private, municipal after World War II, closed in 1959 Diana funicular railway, built in 1911–1912, urban, intended for tourism and recreation. It is not part of the public transport system. Planned funicular railway to Trzy Krzyże. It was built in 1908 and it was built in the years 1913–1914. It has never been completed or put into operation. Completion has been under consideration since 2007. In addition to the funicular railway in Karlovy Vary, there was also a public passenger lift from ul. Spa (Lázeňská) on the Castle Hill. The neoclassical elevator was built in 1911 together with the Castle Colonnade, designed by Friedrich Ohmann. In the years 1961–1975 it was operated by the Transport Enterprise Karlovy Vary (Dopravní podnik Karlovy Vary), then it was taken over by ČSAD Plzeň - Transport Company Karlovy Vary. The crane was closed in the second half of the 1970s.


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