Ethnic conflict in Macedonia (2012)


January 19, 2022

Ethnic conflict in Macedonia 2012 - a series of incidents and clashes on an ethnic basis between Albanians and Macedonians in Macedonia from January 14, 2012 to May 11, 2012.

Religious Incidents

On January 14, part of the Muslim community criticized the clothing of ethnic Macedonians during the annual carnival in Vevčani. On January 30, unknown perpetrators set fire to the meeting room at the church in the village of Labunishta near the city of Struga.

Ethnic clashes

On February 28 in the city of Gostivar, a policeman shot two Albanians during an argument. Five people were beaten in Skopje on 7 March. A wave of protests swept across the country on March 9. On March 10, several acts of violence were reported in Skopje and Tetovo. In Skopje, a group of young people beat a 66-year-old man, and a wooden bridge was burned on the Wardar River. In the city of Tetovo, a 16-year-old girl was beaten and a policeman was attacked. Five people were arrested. On April 12, four young men were killed near the capital of the country. Soon after, the body of another person who was most likely a witness of the event was found. Police action revealed that they were Macedonians, and a wave of anti-Albanian protests swept through the country shortly after.

Macedonian protests

A wave of protests swept the country many times. There were acts of violence in Skopje and Smiljkovci during their lifetime. A demonstration in the capital was organized by young people who wanted to pass through the Saraj district, where Albanians constitute the vast majority. The protesters were arrested by the police, and there was a ten-minute clash between the parties. Protesters shouted "A good Albanian is a dead Albanian!" and "Gas chambers for Albanians!". Another large demonstration took place in the town of Bitola, where the assembled people marched along Širok Sokak Street. The protest was organized by Čkembari.

Albanian protests

May 4, 1.5-3 thousand Albanians protested in the country's capital (Skopje), demanding the release of their arrested compatriots. The demonstrators shouted the slogans "God is one", "Allah is great", "Death to Christians" and many others, and they had the symbols of Al-Qa'ida. The police patrols were pelted with stones and the bus stop was devastated. Shukri Alia - blacklisted by the EU and wanted by the Macedonian police - is heading to organize more protests. Police believe he is hiding in Kosovo. May 11 5-10 thousand Albanians protested outside government buildings in Skopje. Demonstrators waved the national flags and the black flag of Jihad, shouting the slogans "Muslims are not terrorists", "We are not terrorists, we are Muslims", "Greater Albania", "Murderers" and "Death to Christians." During the protest, six policemen and one television operator were injured. Windows in offices and courts were also broken. A banner was also carried that the Serbs and Macedonians were responsible for the Smiljkovci massacre.


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