May 28, 2022

Koryna, Korynna - a female name of Greek origin, being a diminutive of the name Kora, derived from the word which "girl". The patron saint of this name is St. Corin of Syria (2nd century). In 2019, in Poland, Koryna was ranked 702nd among female names (132 grants). in the forms of Korina (90 grants), Corina and Corinna (26 grants each), Corinne (16 grants), Corine (3 grants), Corinna, Korinna and Corin (2 grants each). Corinth's name day is celebrated on May 14. Famous people bearing the name of Corina: Corinthian of Tangara, Greek poet (6th century BC) Corinne Bailey Rae, British soul singer Corinne Coman, Miss France in 2003 Corinne Imlig (born 1979) - Swiss alpine skier Corina Morariu, American tennis player Corinne Niogret, French biathlete, European champion Corinne Rey-Bellet, Swiss alpine skier Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, American poet Corine Rottschafer, miss world in 1959 Corinne Suter, Swiss alpine skier Korynna Korwin-Mikke, daughter of Janusz Korwin-Mikke