Krzysztof Klenczon


January 19, 2022

Krzysztof Antoni Klenczon (born January 14, 1942 in Pułtusk, died April 7, 1981 in Chicago) - Polish composer, singer, guitarist and accordionist of rock music.

Curriculum vitae

He studied at the Gdansk School of Physical Education. In 1962, in a duet with Karol Wargin, he became a laureate of the 1st Young Talent Festival in Szczecin (Mały miś). In the years 1962–1964 he was the guitarist of the band Blue-Czarni, with which he performed in 1963 at "Olympia" in Paris. The leader of music groups: Pentecostal (1964), Czerwone Gitary (1965–1970) and Trzy Korony (1970–1972). Composer of the greatest hits of Czerwony Gitar (next to Seweryn Krajewski): Just like you, The story of one acquaintance, Nobody in the world knows, White cross, Let's go back to the lakes, When I call you again one day, Flowers in your hair, Tell the old one somewhere, Autumn is coming through the park and the Three Crowns: 10 Beaufort scale, Port, Someone's girlfriend, Natalie - a more beautiful world. In December 1967, he married Alicja Cywińska in the Oliwa Cathedral. In 1973 he moved to the United States for good, where he composed, recorded and performed. In the years 1978–1979 he gave concerts in Poland. He was injured in a car accident on his return on February 27, 1981 from a charity concert at the Milford Club in Chicago. He died on April 7, 1981 in the Hospital of St. Joseph (Saint Joseph Hospital) in Chicago. The urn with the ashes was placed on the name day of July 25, 1981 at the municipal cemetery at Mazurska Street in Szczytno.

Remembering the Artist

Every year, Szczytna Days and Nights are held in honor of the music, during which the main concert is named after Krzysztof Klenczon. There was also a National Song Contest for them. the artist, whose first edition took place in 2005 and the last one in 2008. The permanent jurors of the competition were: Janusz Kondratowicz and Alicja Klenczon-Corona. The announcer of the competition in all editions was the music journalist Grzegorz Kasjaniuk. A similar festival has been held annually in the summer since 2013 in the birthplace of Klenczon, i.e. Pułtusk. As part of the festival, in addition to the National Competition of Klenczon and Red Guitars, there are, among others, concerts of other famous Polish singers from the past. There is a section devoted to his memory at Franciszek Walicki's exhibition in Gdynia, opened in June 2004. On October 11, 1993, an association aimed at promoting the artistic work of Krzysztof Klenczon was registered in Gdynia. It was an initiative of three lovers of his music: Adam Jarzębiński, Wiesław Wilczkowiak and Krzysztof Arsenowicz. The original name is the "Krzysztof Klenczon Music Lovers Association", the current name is the "Christopher" Music Society Krzysztof Klenczon. One of Warsaw's streets in the Bielany district in Radiowo is named after Krzysztof Klenczon. One of the streets in the center of Pułtusk was called the Krzysztof Klenczon Boulevard. The streets in Sopot and Białogard were also named after Klenczon. Krzysztof Klenczon is also the patron of the Public Junior High School in Dźwierzuty and the concert hall in Wieliszew. One of the Gdańsk trams (train number 1039) is named after the artist. In Pułtusk, since 2017, there is the only playing bench in Poland dedicated to the artist. Pułtusk Festival of them. Krzysztof Klenczon Since 2013, a festival devoted to the work of Krzysztof Klenczon has been organized in Pułtusk. In addition to the competition of competition participants, the following are organized: vocal and instrumental workshops, the final concert with the participation of festival winners and invited stars (including Czerwone Gitary, Żuki, Stan Borys, Wojciech Korda, Natalia Niemen), shows, exhibitions, and concerts.

Books about Krzysztof Klenczon

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