Winnie the Pooh (novel)


October 28, 2021

Winnie the Pooh - a novel for children by A.A. Milne from 1926. The heroes of this piece are toy animals, Krzys' friends. Among them the title Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Mother Kangaroo with Roo, donkey Eeyore. The action of the piece takes place in the fictional Stumilowy Las and it is in this area that friends experience many fantastic adventures. An integral part of the book are illustrations by Ernest Shepard, depicting the characters. The book was very popular with readers and has been translated into many languages. The manuscript of the work is in the possession of the Wren Library at Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

Translations into Polish

There are two translations into Polish: the first, the traditional one, was from 1937 and its author was Irena Tuwim. The second translation was entitled "Fredzia Phi-Phi" by Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska in 1986. Although the second translation is closer to the original, it aroused ambiguous reactions from readers who were used to the original.



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