List of wrestling terms


October 18, 2021

The following is a list of wrestling terms. This sporting entertainment has many terms specific to it only. In the early years of wrestling, many of the phrases presented were known only by players and people directly related to the organization of the show, and these terms were primarily used to communicate in the company of people from the outside. In recent years, the availability of the Internet has allowed the popularity of these terms to grow. Some of them are used only in financial aspects, the rest for the players themselves and their fights.



A wrestling gala where the biggest stars of the federation compete with each other.


A group of the federation's best players to perform at the A-show.


The sudden end of a feud, angle or gimmick for no official reason, most often due to a lack of interest from fans.


An employee of the organization, often a retired veteran of the ring, who helps the players arrange fights, plans the plot and provides information from the so-called bookers. It often acts as a link between wrestlers and senior management. Sometimes he cares about training and education of young wrestlers, who are often full of criticism. Some organizations refer to agents as producers.


A joint relationship (alliance) between two or more wrestlers who fight together in tag teams or individual fights. Often, alliances are formed for a specific reason, such as to win championships or get rid of another group of wrestlers.


A fictional storyline. Angle usually starts with one player attacking another (physical or mental), leading to a feud. The angle scenario may predict a single fight or even a long-term competition.

Apter mage

An old-school magazine for professional wrestling that follows the kayfabe rules. The term comes from the magazine's collaboration with Bill Aiter, e.g. in the case of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.



An event where the mid-stakes players in a federation compete against each other. Sometimes well-known wrestlers return after their absence or end their careers.


A group of competitors appearing in the B-Show. They usually compete at the same time as the A-Team players, but in a different arena. Occasionally a federation will organize a gala with B-Team players to explore a new market.


→ Face

Beat down

A situation in which a wrestler is attacked most often by several contestants, which leads to a one-sided fight, which ends up stunning the attacked contestant for a longer period of time.


A deliberate cut which causes bleeding in the player who made the cut.


The situation when the referee does not see the current situation in the ring, which is most often used by the heeli to intervene in a duel illegally.

Blind tag

A tag-team change that the wrestler in the ring performs without his knowledge or awareness. This term also refers to a situation in which the opponent of the change is unaware that it has occurred. This makes him a blindside attack. The most common situation is when a competitor in the ring is thrown out by ropes or pushed to his own corner.

Blown spot

→ Missed spot.

Blow off

The final fight of the feud. Sometimes it is the last federation fight for one or more wrestlers.

Blow up

A situation where the wrestler is very exhausted during a fight.


Determination and introduction

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