May 28, 2022

Maciej - male name, Hebrew origin: Hebrew מַתִּתְיָהוּ Matatjahu, meaning "the gift of Yahweh". This name was borne by Matt the Apostle chosen after Judas' suicide (Acts, ch. 2). The name Maciej was most likely a shortened form of the name Mateusz. The form Maciej was created in the Middle Ages as the Polish translation of the Czech Matěj (softened t 'in Polish as' ć'), which is derived from the Latin and German form Matthias. Until the 16th century, the names Maciej and Mateusz were not distinguished in Polish and were similarly diminished (Maciek, Maćko). Maciej is still one of the very popular names; among the names given to newborn children, in 2017 it was placed 35th in the group of male names. In 2017, Maciej was in the 24th place in the entire population of Poles (262,851 broadcasts). Diminutives: Maciek, Maciuś, formerly Mach, Maćko Female counterpart: Maciej Maciej celebrates his name day: January 30, February 24, February 25, May 14, June 3 and November 11. Equivalents in other languages ​​ English - Matthias Belarusian language - Мацей or Мацьвей Esperanto - Matiaso French - Matthias Spanish - Matías (not to be confused with Mateo, meaning Mateusz) Lithuanian - Motiejus Latin - Matthias Dutch - Matthias, Thijs German - Matthias or Matthäus Portuguese - Mathias, Matias Russian - Матвей Serbian language - Matija Hungarian - Mátyás Italian - Mattia Czech language – Matěj Croatian language - Matej Ukrainian - Матвій

People named Maciej

st. Maciej the Apostle - disciple of Jesus Christ (memory on May 14, formerly on February 24 or February 25) Maciej Aksler - Polish test pilot (1947-2006) Maciej Augustyn - historian of the Bieszczady Mountains (born 1956) Maciej Aleksy Dawidowski - Polish scout instructor, hero of the novel "Stones for the rampart" (1920-1943) Maciej Balcar - Polish singer, composer, actor (born 1971) Maciej Berbeka - Polish climber, TOPR rescuer (1954-2013) Thijs Berman - Dutch politician, journalist (born 1957) Maciej Bieniasz - Polish painter, teacher (born 1938) Maciej Bobula - Polish poet (born 1988) Maciej Bodnar - Polish cyclist, riding in the Bora-Hansgrohe team (born in 1985) Maciej Borkowic - former Poznań voivode (1298-1360) Maciej Brzoska - theater, television and film actor (born 1979) Maciej Czaczyk - Polish priest, former musician (born in 1994) Maciej Czyżowicz - Polish modern pentathlon player (born 1962) Maciej Damięcki - Polish actor (born 1944) Maciej Dobrowolski - Polish volleyball player (born 1977) Maciej Drzewicki - Polish Primate, Grand Chancellor of the Crown (1467-1535) Maciej Dejczer - Polish screenwriter and film director (born 1955) Maciej Dowbor - Polish TV presenter (born 1978) Maciej Englert - Polish actor and director (born 1946) Maciej Franz - Polish historian (born 1969) Maciej Frączyk - Polish Internet personality (born 1984) Maciej Froński - poet and translator (born 1973) Maciej Giertych - Polish politician, dendrologist (born 1936) Maciej Gnitecki - Polish judoka (born 1980) Maciej Górski - journalist, state official and diplomat (1944-2020) Maciej Grzyb - Polish judoka (born 1996) Maciej Guzek - Polish fantasy writer (born 1977) Maciej Habsburg - Roman Emperor (1612-1619) Mattathias Hasmonaean - Jewish priest (died 166 BCE) Maciej Irek - Polish judoka (born 1986) Maciej Jabłoński - Polish musicologist and music critic (1962-2017) Maciej Jabłoński - Polish journalist (born 1973) Maciej Jabłoński - Polish politician and official (born 1976) Matthias Jabs - German guitarist, member of the Scorpions group Maciej Jewtuszko - Polish MMA player (born 1981) Maciej Konacki - Polish astrophysicist (born 1972) Maciej Kot - Polish ski jumper (born 1991) Maciej Kozłowski - Polish actor (1957-2010) Maciej Kur