Morning magazine


January 19, 2022

Morning magazine (morning show, breakfast television) - a genre of TV news and entertainment program broadcast live in the morning (most often between 6 and 10 am). It is usually run by a small group of hosts of both sexes. The program's target audience is people preparing for work and school, as well as home adults and parents. The first morning magazine on national television was Today, which debuted on US NBC on January 14, 1952. Many other stations around the world have duplicated the NBC format.

Format and Style

Morning magazines usually consist of short news, business and stock market information, weather forecasts and traffic information. These topics dominate the first part of the program, while the working people are still at home. In the following sections, the program targets the interests of the people who stay at home, mainly women. The time between news segments is filled with talks on major news topics, press reviews, and entertainment news, including celebrities and celebrities. Morning magazine handlers are usually famous television personalities. Although these programs are often produced by people and information organizations, their style is oriented towards popularity and acceptance by the target audience. Most often they are run by two hosts (a man and a woman) sitting on a sofa surrounded by scenery in warm colors.


The first morning magazine was the program Three To Get Ready, broadcast on the local US station WPTZ from 1950 to 1952. In 1952, NBC began broadcasting Today magazine nationwide. The first Polish program of this genre was broadcast in the years 1992–2013 on TVP1 Coffee or Tea?

Polish morning warehouses

Polish morning magazines currently broadcast (in brackets the broadcasting station and the year of their debut): Question for breakfast (TVP2, TVP Polonia 2002) Good Morning TVN (TVN, 2005) A new day with Polsat News (Polsat and Polsat News, 2008) Non-existent programs: Coffee or tea? (TVP1, 1992–2013) Puls in the morning (TV Puls, 2008) Lunch with coffee (Rodin TV, 2012) He is shooting live (Polsat, 2012) Good morning on Saturday (TVP1, 2014–2015) Good morning Poland (TVP1, 2017–2018)

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