Mieczysław Korczak (attorney-at-law)


October 17, 2021

Mieczysław Korczak (born January 18, 1924 in Połaniec, died February 1, 2013 in Pabianice) - Polish lawyer and politician, opposition activist in the People's Republic of Poland, judge of the State Tribunal in 1991–1993. Honored with the Righteous Among the Nations Medal.

Curriculum vitae

From 1942 he fought in the Peasants' Battalions, participating in military actions. During the war, together with his father Franciszek, he hid four Jews from the Germans. He completed a cadet course, and in 1944, under conspiracy conditions, he enrolled in the school of officers of the Civic Militia in Lublin. Until 1945, he served in the MO, being, inter alia, head of the police station in Pabianice. In 1945, he revealed his affiliation with the BCh. In 1945 he joined the Polish People's Party (Mikołajczykowski), and in 1949 - to the United People's Party. In 1953 he graduated from the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Łódź; in 1959 he was entered on the list of attorneys. In the years 1959–1993 he practiced in the Bar Association No. 3 in Łódź, then (until 2012) he ran his own law firm. From 1968 he collaborated with the opposition circles, including Workers 'Defense Committee and the Movement for the Defense of Human and Civic Rights, later also with the Independent Farmers' Trade Union "Solidarity". He acted as an attorney and defender of, inter alia, Marek Chwalewski, Zbigniew Sekulski and Józef Śreniowski. He also dealt with the distribution of the independent press. It was investigated by the services of the Polish People's Republic. After the political changes, he became, among others, a member of the Higher Disciplinary Court of the National Bar Council, and from 1989 to 1990 the president of the provincial board of the Polish People's Party in Łódź. He was a judge at the State Tribunal of the fourth term (1991–1993). He was buried on February 6, 2013 at the cemetery in Pabianice at ul. Cmentarna (formerly Evangelical).


He was awarded the Commander's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2009), the Medal of the Righteous Among the Nations (1989) and the badge of the "Advocate of Merit".


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