My Memory of Us


May 28, 2022

My Memory of Us - a computer platform game produced by Juggler Games and published by IMGN.PRO for personal computers, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Its premiere took place on October 9, 2018. It tells the story of two children during the war. The production received mixed reviews in the industry media. Mainly the story and graphics were praised, while the puzzles and the low level of difficulty were rated poorly.


The story told in the game has been divided into chapters, each on a separate level. The game takes place on two and a half-dimensional levels. The player controls the characters of a girl and a boy who can walk to the sides and deep. The boy can climb into pipes, sneak and reflect light using a mirror. The girl can run and shoot with a slingshot. Characters can hold hands; then the skills of one of them are transferred to the other, e.g. when a girl grabs the boy's hand, they can run together. Depending on the mission, the goal is to move to the next location, obtain an item or save a loved one.


At the beginning of 2017, the Polish publisher IMGN.PRO announced My Memory of Us, an adventure game inspired by the events of World War II. In August 2018, the creators released a trailer for the production and announced the release date. British actor Patrick Stewart gave his voice to the character of the narrator. The game has black and white graphics, but some items in the game are red, referring to the movie Schindler's List. In 2020, the game was released on mobile devices.


The game received a rating average of 67/100 points on Metacritic. The production won the "2017 Pixel Heaven" award, was nominated for "2018 SXSW" as well as "Best Game Art" and "Best Game Narrative" at the Indie Prize conference. The game was nominated in 2018 for the Polityka Passport award.


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