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August 13, 2022

Nationalencyklopedin - the largest modern Swedish encyclopedia. Its creation was possible thanks to a loan of 17 million kronor, which was granted by the Swedish government in 1980 and which was repaid in 1990. The printed version consists of 20 volumes and contains 172,000 copies. passwords. The Internet version contains 260,000. passwords (as of June 2005). The initiator of the project was the Swedish government, which started negotiations with various publishers. The negotiations ended in 1985 when Bra Böcker of Höganäs was chosen as publisher. The encyclopedia was to take into account gender and environmental issues. The first volume was published in 1989, the last in 1996. Additionally, in 2000, three additional volumes were published. The encyclopedia was ordered by 54 thousand. people. In 1997, an electronic CD edition was released, and in 2000 an online edition, which is updated on a regular basis.

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