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January 23, 2022

Nina Petrovna, née Sielunina (Russian: Нина Петровна Рочева née Селюнина, born October 13, 1948 in Pakshay, died January 8, 2022 in Syktyvkar) - Russian ski runner representing the Soviet Union, runner-up in the world, two times Olympic medalist.


The 1980 Winter Olympics at Lake Placid were the only ones she participated in. Together with Nina Bałdyszewą, Raisa Smietanina and Galina Kułakowa, she won the silver medal in the 4x5 km relay race. Moreover, she took 15th place in the 5 km race using the classic technique. She also competed at the World Championships in Falun in 1974, where, together with Nina Fiodorowa, Raisa Smietanina and Galina Kułakowa, she won the gold medal in the relay race. In addition, she took 8th place in the 10 km classic race there. Her last success was during the world championship in Lahti in 1978, where she won a bronze medal in the relay race. The representatives of the Soviet Union ran: Nina Roczewa, Zinaida Amosowa, Raisa Smietanina and Galina Kułakowa. Her best individual result at this championship was again 8th place in the 10 km classic technique. Nina Roczewa was the wife of Wasilij Roczew, mother of Vasily Roczev Jr. and mother-in-law of Julia Czepałowa and Olga Roczewej. Everyone has been or still is cross-country skiing.


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