Norwegian Nobel Committee


October 17, 2021

Norwegian Nobel Committee (Norwegian: Den Norske Nobelkomite) - a committee nominating for the Nobel Peace Prize. It is composed of five members appointed by the Norwegian Parliament who are responsible for the composition and work of this body. The administrative service of the Committee is handled by the Norwegian Nobel Institute, where all the Committee meetings take place. The director of the Institute serves as permanent secretary of the Nobel Committee and is ex officio one of its advisers.


On April 26, 1897, the Norwegian parliament took over the task of electing the five-person committee responsible for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize, which was formalized on August 5 that year.

List of Presidents

1900–1901: Bernhard Getz 1901–1922: Jørgen Løvland 1922–1922: Hans Jacob Horst 1922–1941: Fredrik Stang 1941–1943: Gunnar Jahn 1944–1945: nobody 1945–1945: Carl Joachim Hambro 1945–1966: Gunnar Jahn 1967–1967: Nils Langhelle 1967–1967: Bernt Ingvaldsen 1968–1978: Aase Lionæs 1979–1981: John Sanness 1982–1989: Egil Aarvik 1990–1990: Gidske Anderson 1991–1999: Francis Sejersted 2000–2002: Gunnar Berge 2003–2008: Ole Danbolt Mjøs 2009–2015: Thorbjørn Jagland 2015–2017: Kaci Kullmann Five from 2017: Berit Reiss-Andersen

External Links

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