July 5, 2022

Orionists, Little Work of Divine Providence, Parvum Opus Divinae Providentiae (Filii Divinae Providentiae, FDP) - a Catholic religious congregation founded by Fr. Aloysius Orione in 1893 in Tortona, Italy, with the seat of the general authorities in Rome.


The Orionine Order was founded in 1893 in Tortona, Italy, and formally established in 1914. The first outposts outside Italy were established in South America in 1914. In Poland, it was established in 1923 in Zduńska Wola. In 1940, an independent Polish province was established. In 1915, a female Orionine Society was established, i.e. the Congregation of the Little Missionary Sisters of Mercy (Congregatio Parvarum Missionariarum a Misericordia - SMM). It was founded in Poland in 1932. The seat of the main authorities of the Orionine sisters is in Rome, and the seat of the Polish province is in Zalesie Górne. In 1954, the Orionists' assembly was approved by Pope Pius XII. The Orionians have approximately 1,124 members, including 572 priests who are gathered in 115 houses.


The aim of the congregation is to work among the poor, homeless and rejected by society. It also conducts educational and missionary activities. “To love, pray, educate orphans and outcasts of society to virtue and work, suffer and consecrate oneself with Christ - this is the goal of life. Therefore, the greatest privilege is to serve the poor and the rejected ”- Fr. Aloysius of Orione.


The logo of the Orionists is a red cross on a white background, surrounded by rays and the inscription in Latin "Instaurare omnia In Christo" (Renew all in Christ). Fr. Orione said about the motto contained in the log that: "This motto has become our seal, it is to be printed in the header of our letters and letters in red letters and on white flags, which are to decorate and fly in the houses of Divine Providence on the days of the greatest holidays."

Saints and Blesseds of the Orionine Family

Fr. Alojzy Orione (1872-1940) - brought spiritual and material help to the needy and the abandoned. Founder of the Little Work of Divine Providence, the Little Missionaries of Mercy, and the Sisters of the Blind Sacrament. His canonization took place on May 16, 2004. During the Holy Mass. in St. Peter, Pope John Paul II said: "this humble son of a cobbler preached that only love will save the world." Fr. Franciszek Drzewiecki (1908-1942) - priest murdered in the concentration camp in Dachau on September 13, 1942, at the age of 34. Beatified by John Paul II in 1999.

Famous of the Orionine Family

Fr. Archbishop Bronisław Wacław Dąbrowski - secretary of the Polish Episcopal Conference and one of the associates of the Polish Primate, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, the main negotiator with the communist authorities of Poland.

Houses of the Polish Province

Warsaw - Provincial Directorate; Zduńska Wola (established in 1923) - Mission House; Zduńska Wola (established in 1948) - St. Anthony; Henryków (established in 1994) - Shelter for the homeless bl. Fr. Franciszek Drzewiecki, pastoral ministry in a public chapel; Międzybrodzie Bialskie (established in 1968) - Retreat and Recreation House; Izbica Kujawska (established in 1972) - Social Welfare Home for them. Fr. Karol Sterpia for intellectually disabled; The novitiate of the Congregation; Chapel of St. Joseph; Kalisz (established in 1934) - Special Educational Center for them. st. Alojzy Orione, Workshop of Occupational Therapy, Student Dormitory, pastoral work in the public chapel of M. B. Częstochowska, Postulate of Orionist Fathers; Kalisz (established in 1952) - the Parish of Divine Providence; Łaźniew (established in 1950) - The Orionist Theological Seminary, Parish of St. Antoni, Nursing and Treatment Center for them. Fr. Archbishop. B. W. Dąbrowskiego, Center for the homeless; Rokitno (established in 1986) - the Parish of Saint Mary Pan