Oswald (first name)


August 12, 2022

Oswald - male name of Germanic origin. It comes from a word meaning "ruled by the grace of the gods." Oswald's name day is celebrated on February 28, February 29, August 5 and August 22. Female Counterpart: Oswald

Famous people with this name

St. Oswald - (born around 604 - died 642), son of Etelfrid, king of Northumbria Oswald Balzer (1858–1933) - historian of the Polish political system and law Oswald Bartmański (1826–1887) - Polish landowner, clerk, member of the National Seym of Galicia and the Austrian State Council Osvaldo Brandão (1916–1989) - Brazilian footballer and coach Oswald Kabasta - Austrian conductor Oswald Madecki - Polish physician and lay missionary, active in Abeokuta Oswald Mosley - British politician and aristocrat, leader of British fascists Oswald Pirow - South African politician Oswald Rohatiner - Polish officer, victim of the Katyn massacre Oswald Spengler - German philosopher of culture and history Oswald Mathias Ungers - German architect Oswald Veblen - American mathematician of Norwegian origin

See also

Lee Harvey Oswald - a man widely recognized as the killer of John F. Kennedy