Pachycephalosaurs (family)


July 5, 2022

Pachycephalosaury (Pachycephalosauridae) - a group of dinosaurs from the pachycephalosaurs infrastue. Pachycephalosaurs had thick, domed heads.


Row - Bird-pelvic dinosaurs Suborder - Cerapods Infraorganism - Pachycephalosaurs Family - Pachycephalosaurs Genus - Stegoceras Genus - Pachycephalosaurus Genus - Stygimoloch Type - Mikrocefal Genus - PrenocephalyPachycephalosaurs appeared on earth about 130 million years ago and survived until the end of the reptile era. Their sizes ranged from small animals (Wannanosaurus, 60 cm) to giant reptiles (Pachycephalosaurus, 4.5 m). Their remains have been found in North America, Asia and Europe, but are unknown from the southern hemisphere.

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