October 28, 2021

Parasceva - (Greek: Παρασκευή, Paraskeuē - literally "preparation", also "Friday", that is, the day of preparation for the Sabbath) - a female name of Greek origin, meaning the day of preparation for the holiday. It has numerous diminutives and collateral forms - Paraskiewia, Praskowia, Prascewa, Prascewia, Paraska, Pasha. It used to be extremely popular in Ukraine, slightly less in Russia. Parasceva celebrates his name day on March 20, July 26, October 14, October 28, November 12 and November 23.

Famous people bearing the name Parascewa

Paraskiewa Serbian, Bulgarian, Tarnowska - Orthodox holidays Paraskieva (Matijeszyna) - an Orthodox saint Paraskieva (Pasha) Sarovsk - an Orthodox saint Pasha Christova - Bulgarian singer

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