Polish Radio Program III


May 28, 2022

Polish Radio Program 3 (Trójka, Radio Trójka, Channel Three of Polish Radio, the official abbreviation of PR3; other: P3PR, PRP3) - a nationwide, 24-hour, public Polish radio station, part of the Polish Radio joint-stock company. Regular broadcasting of the program began on April 1, 1962.


The seat of Program 3 of Polish Radio is located at ul. Myśliwiecka 3/5/7 in Warsaw. The radio station building is one of the buildings of the former barracks. Burned down during World War II, it was adapted to the needs of radio and put into service on July 22, 1949. Program 3 of the Polish Radio can be received via terrestrial routes throughout the country using VHF transmitters and in many parts of the country using DAB + system transmitters. In addition, the station's broadcast is available via HbbTV hybrid television, nc + digital platforms and Cyfrowy Polsat, and via the Internet - both the station's website and the dedicated mobile application of Polish Radio. You can also listen to the broadcasting station using the telephone line by calling the number (22) 645 93 00. The station broadcasts a music and entertainment program. There are also journalistic programs on the air, in which political, social and cultural topics are discussed. The permanent elements of the schedule include: radio plays, radio reports, cabaret programs and novels read in episodes. In addition to current information from the country and the world, news from the world of art (film, theater, literature, exhibitions) are also presented. The broadcasts of Trójka are almost exclusively proprietary programs run by journalists who independently decide on the choice of music and the form of its presentation. From the beginning of the station's existence, almost all musical genres have been constantly present on its air as part of its own programs: rock, rock'n'roll, heavy metal, pop, blues, jazz, country, folk, house, chillout, reggae, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, alternative, electronic, club, Latin American, film, serious (including opera), sung poetry. This variety is preserved to this day (although country, serious and hip-hop music has been significantly reduced). For years, Trójka has been organizing many charity events (including the Ida Święta campaign) and outdoor events aimed at promoting the station itself and arousing interest in sports and culture among radio listeners. The Third Program regularly releases albums related to the station's various broadcasts. They are usually compilations of music pieces presented on a given program by many artists, often as concert recordings for the station. So far, albums related to, among others, broadcasts "3maj z nami", "Smooth jazz cafe", "Siesta", "Offensywa", "Muzyczna Pocztowy UKF", "Trójkowy Ekspres", "MiniMax", "Top Songs" have been released. Collections of selected skits previously presented as part of cabaret programs (e.g. from the series "60 minutes per hour") A specific tradition of Program 3 has become to broadcast titles corresponding to the number "3" to programs. Most of them are play on words and refer to well-known sayings or slogans. In the past, the station had broadcasts such as: "Potrójmy o sport", "Third wave", "3maj z us", "MP Trójka", "Third hour", "Third ear", "M3", " Three Quarters of an Hour of Jazz, "LP Trójka", "Third Side of the Moon", "Third Side of the Medal", "Third Side of the World". The number three also includes the telephone number for listeners (+48 22 333 33 33, read on the air as "twenty-two and seven threes"), who can use it to call on the air or take part in the competition. Another symbol of the station is the address "Myśliwiecka 3/5/7", which was regularly announced on the air