Help: Getting Started


May 28, 2022

Wikipedia needs you! Thousands of volunteers create a compendium of knowledge that can be used for any purpose. We are happy with each new participant, from amateurs to enthusiasts and professionals. Go ahead and edit! You don't need any special IT skills, permits or authorizations. Feel free to note that your first editions will be imperfect. We all learned from our mistakes. Create an account, if you want - report to the guide. If you have trouble editing articles, ask a question on the Help: Novice Questions page.

Write an article

Writing articles is not recommended for beginners. We recommend that you take a look at other articles first. Make a few corrections, learn the basics of text formatting, inserting footnotes. You will need this when creating an article. However, if you want, you can create an article. Start by viewing the page: Help: How to write a new article.