Rajaraja the Great


July 5, 2022

Rajaraja the Great - a ruler of the South Indian Chola dynasty.

Curriculum vitae

Son of Parantaki II, he was born Arumoli Warman. He took the name of Rajaraja after his accession to the throne (in the middle of 985). The preserved inscriptions inform about his victories over the Pandya kings, Amaraujanga Pandya and Ceruman Peruman Basukra by Rawivarman. He also attacked Sri Lanka. He seized and destroyed the Sri Lankan capital, changing its name in the process. At the end of his life, he conquered the Maldives and incorporated them into his country. The reign of Radjaraja the Great is a period of transformation of the Chola rule, from a relatively small kingdom to an efficiently managed organism with significant natural resources, a powerful army and navy. It was also a period of internal stability and a flourishing culture, also thanks to the generous patronage of the monarch. At that time, the Bryhadiswara temple in Tanjavura, dedicated to Shiva, was erected. He was a zealous follower of Shiva, but had a policy of religious tolerance. He also materially supported Buddhist objects. In recognition of this, Vihara in Nagapattinam was named in his honor. It is known about a dozen, probably fifteen, spouses of Rajaraja the Great. They had one son (Rajendra) and at least three daughters with them. He died in 1014. He is considered the greatest ruler of the Chola dynasty. His reign laid the foundations for its subsequent imperial expansion.