Rita Hayworth


May 28, 2022

Rita Hayworth, born. Margarita Carmen Cansino (born October 17, 1918 in New York; died May 14, 1987 therein) - American actress and dancer of Spanish-English-Irish origin. One of the biggest stars of the "Golden Era of Hollywood". The American Film Institute placed her in 19th place on the list of the greatest actresses of all time (The 50 Greatest American Screen Legends).

Curriculum vitae

Early years

She was born in Brooklyn, New York to a family of dancers, the daughter of Spanish-Anglo-Irish Eduard Cansino (1895–1968) and Volga Margaret (née Hayworth; 1897–1945). From 1932, the young Margarita Carmen Cansino performed with her father, a flamenco dancer, at nightclubs and at Spanish dance shows.


She began to appear in films in 1935, but these were not significant roles. One of the most important in her career was the role of Judy MacPherson in Howard Hawks' drama Only Angels Have Wings (1939). In order to repair finances in the 1940s she earned extra money as a model and thus became a famous pin-up girl. Each soldier had a photo of it, or he knew it. There was no other option, recalled actor Eli Wallach, a war veteran. The real success came in 1946 with the title role of Gildson Mundson Farrell, the unhappy wife of the casino owner, who recognizes her husband's former lover Charles Vidor Gild in film noir. The scene where Hayworth sings "Put the Blame on Mame" and takes off his glove has gone down in cinema history as one of the most erotic scenes. Rita Hayworth has become one of the highest-earning celebrities in Hollywood history, hailed as the epitome of sex and the femme fatale. The crisis came in the mid-1950s. She continued to play, incl. in the films: the biblical Salome (1953), On the way to Cordura (1958) or Separate tables (1958). Alcohol problems have developed. The definitive end of her career came in 1972. The reason was progressive Alzheimer's disease, of which she died alone in 1987.

Private life

On May 29, 1937, when she was 18, she married car dealer Edward Charles Holmgren Judson, but on May 22, 1942 they divorced. Then she met the director and actor Orson Welles, with whom she married on September 7, 1943, and had a daughter, Rebecca Welles (born December 17, 1944). The crisis in the relationship reportedly caused her infidelity, for which Orson took revenge. He made the noir film The Lady from Shanghai (1948), for which Hayworth cut her famous long red hair and dyed her hair blonde, and played the sneaky Elsa Bannister. The film was a success, but the marriage did not survive and Hayworth's career began to decline. On December 1, 1948, the marriage broke up because of her betrayals. On May 27, 1949, she married Prince Ali Khan, with whom she had a daughter, Yasmin Khan (born December 26, 1949). After two years, however, on January 26, 1953, she divorced. She was married to the singer Dick Haymes from September 24, 1953 to December 12, 1955. Her fifth husband (February 2, 1958 to September 7, 1961) was the film producer James Hill.


1972: Gniew Boży (The Wrath of God) as Madame De La Plata 1970: Road To Salina as Mara 1968: The Bastards (I Bastardi) as Martha 1967: The Adventurer (L'Avventuriero) as Aunt Caterina 1966: Poppies Are Also Flowers as Monique Mark 1964: Circus World as Lili Alfredo 1961: The Happy Thieves as Eve Lewis 1959: The Story on Page One as Jo Morris 1959: On The Way to Cordura (They Came to Cordura) as Adelaide Geary 1958: Separate Tables as Ann Shankland 1957: Buddy Joey (Pal Joey) j