Sidney Poitier


January 23, 2022

Sidney L. Poitier (born February 20, 1927 in Miami, died January 6, 2022 in Los Angeles) - American actor and film director, diplomat, first black winner of the Academy Award for Best Leading Actor, also recognized as the first black movie star. The American Film Institute ranked him 22nd on the list of the greatest actors of all time (The 50 Greatest American Screen Legends).

Curriculum vitae

His parents were from the Bahamas, where they ran a farm, but Sidney was born premature while the family was in the US. He grew up in the Bahamas and returned to the United States as a teenager. He took his first acting steps in the African-American theaters of New York. He made his film debut in the early 1950s with Joseph Mankiewicz in No Way Out. Thanks to his talent, he quickly gained recognition and in the middle of the decade he played the first important roles in his career in the dramas Szkolna Jungla (1955) and Ucieczka w kajdanach (1958). His performance in the latter of these films earned him his first Oscar nomination. He played a fugitive from prison chained to a hating white man (Tony Curtis). In the 1960s, thanks to his roles, he became one of the symbols of the fight against racial discrimination. He created a whole set of creation of black intelligentsia morally dominant over whites. In 1964, he won an Oscar for his leading role in the film Wild Lilies. He made his most famous performance - police detective Virgil Tibbs, arriving in a town in the US South and assisting the local police in a homicide investigation - in 1967 in the crime drama In a Hot Night. The film was awarded an Oscar. That same year, he also played the fiancé of a white girl from a good home in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Both works are considered groundbreaking for the cinematic image of African Americans. In 1974 he was made Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. In the years 1997–2007 he was the ambassador of the Bahamas in Japan. From 2002 to 2007, he was also the Bahamas ambassador to UNESCO. In 2002, he received an Honorary Academy Award for lifetime artistic achievement. In 2009, US President Barack Obama awarded him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.



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