Taco Hemingway


May 28, 2022

Taco Hemingway (formerly FV), real name Filip Tadeusz Szcześniak (born July 29, 1990 in Cairo) - Polish rapper and songwriter. Member of the Taconafide duo and owner of the 2020 label. He started recording in 2011, then he also released - under the pseudonym Foodvillain - an English-language mixtape entitled Who Killed JFK. A year later he took the pseudonym Taco Hemingway, under which he released an English-language mini-album entitled Young Hems. In 2014, he released his second mini-album, this time recorded in Polish, entitled Warsaw triangle. The album brought the musician fame, thanks to which he joined the Asfalt Records label, under which he released a re-edition of the Warsaw Triangle and a new mini-album entitled Contract work. These and the next albums released by this label brought the rapper to fame, he himself quickly became one of the most popular musicians in Poland. He sold over 400 thousand. albums, which makes him one of the best-selling rappers in Poland. Almost every album of the rapper can be downloaded for free from his website. The greatest success was achieved by the joint album with Quebonafide, entitled Soma 0.5 mg which has sold over 150 thousand. copies. The boards Szprycer, Marmur and Postcard from WWA, summer '19 were also successful. For the sale of albums, he was repeatedly awarded with a certificate of platinum, gold and diamond albums. He created hits such as "6 zeros", "Next station", "Rain on concrete", "Polish tango", "Tamagotchi" or "Nostalgia", which shortly after the premiere hit the top of the cards on time with almost a million auditions. Nominated for the Fryderyk Award thirteen times in the years 2016-2020, including four laureates in the Hip-Hop Album of the Year category (for the albums Agreement for the work, Szprycer, Soma 0.5 mg, Postcard from WWA), and he was the only artist to win the award three times in a row and is the only rapper nominated and awarded in the Song of the Year category. He was also nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards in the category of Best Polish performer and Empik's Bestsellers in the categories of Polish Music, Hip-Hop Music and Streaming. The musician, however, does not pay much attention to the awards and has not received any of the awards granted to him. He was placed on the 10th place on the list of the most influential Poles in 2019 according to the Wprost weekly. He is the first Polish artist whose songs have been played over a billion times on the Spotify streaming platform. Despite the huge popularity, the rapper gives little media attention, rarely gives interviews and does not appear in commercials.

Curriculum vitae

Childhood and early career

He was born on July 29, 1990 in Cairo. When he was three years old, he moved with his parents from Egypt to Guangzhou, China. He attended an American and then a Chinese kindergarten there, where he had communication problems due to the cultural and linguistic barrier. After graduating from kindergarten in 1996, he moved with his family to Warsaw. He had no problems with learning, from an early age he learned to speak two languages ​​at the same time. As he said in an interview with Metro Warszawa, he spoke English to his mother and his sister, who was five years older, and Polish to his father. He was infected with rap passion by his father, with whom he listened to the works of artists of this genre from an early age, while his passion for writing lyrics was drawn from his mother. He graduated from the Private Junior High School No. 1 in Warsaw and the XXXIII Bilingual General Secondary School named after Mikołaj Kopernik in Warsaw, where he met his future producer Maciej "Rumak" Ruszecki and graphic designer Łukasz Partyka. In 2004 his parents divorced. His mother started working in Brussels as an HR specialist, and his father and his new family moved to Spain and started working as a probation officer. The rapper began studying cultural studies