Targowica (Kirovohrad region)


May 28, 2022

Targowica (Ukrainian: Торговиця, Torhowycia) - a village in Ukraine, a former town, in the Kirovohrad region, in the New Archangel region. It is situated on the right bank of Siniucha, at the eastern end of Podolia.


In the fourteenth century, there was an important trading settlement here, which was used by e.g. Genoese from Kaffa, Moldovans, Wallachians and Greeks. After the fall of the settlement in the 15th century, it was reborn in the 17th century thanks to Walenty Aleksander Kalinowski and Marcin Kalinowski. It was located within the borders of the Bracław Province on the so-called black trail. In the second half of the 16th century, the city was owned by Prince Bohusz Korecki. After the truce in Andrus, from 1667, the Polish-Russian border ran near Targowica. In the years 1672-1699, together with Podolia, temporarily under the authority of the Ottoman Empire. In the 18th century, Targowica was one of the Potocki estates in eastern Podolia. In 1751, New Serbia was established on the Russian side of the border, with the Serb settlers, the inhabitants of Targowica had numerous disputes before the Targowica border court. From 1773, Targowica was owned by Stanisław Szczęsny Potocki. May 14, 1792 the alleged place of the announcement of the Targowica confederation (in fact the act was prepared and issued in St. Petersburg), aimed at overthrowing the Constitution on May 3 with the intervention of the Russian army. In 1793 it was occupied by Russia as a result of the Second Partition of Poland. In the Russian partition, it belonged administratively to the Kiev Governorate.


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