Registered ton


May 28, 2022

Registered tonne (RT - register tonne) - a non-metric unit of volume used to determine the gross (GRT / GRT) and net (NRT) registered tonnage of merchant ships. 1 RT 100 cubic feet 2.8316846592 m³ Pursuant to the international convention of 1969, the method of measuring capacity was changed in 1982 and the use of register tons ceased in 1994. Currently, the gross tonnage of ships is given in unitless units. It is also common to determine the register tons used to express gross and net registered tonnages as gross registered tons (German Bruttoregistertonne) and net registered tons, but they are the same units. Net registered ton (NRT) was defined as the unit of net registered tonnage of a ship, that is, the volume of the ship's spaces reserved for cargo and passengers only.

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