August 12, 2022

A toilet, toilet, commonly known as a water closet - a sanitary room in which a person takes care of his physiological needs, such as defecation, micturition (urination) or vomiting. Currently, in developed countries, it is included in almost every apartment as a separate room or as part of a bathroom. Its equipment includes: a toilet bowl with a toilet seat, often a separate washbasin and - if the room is spacious enough - a bidet. Toilets have different standards and different operation depending on the culture of a given country, e.g. in some countries it happens that due to the narrow width of sewer pipes, instead of being flushed, toilet paper has to be thrown into special buckets. In some countries it is customary to install an additional device on the toilet bowls for flushing it and for washing the perineum and anus. Toilets for the mobility impaired - it is also necessary to adapt the toilet to the needs of the disabled. It consists in applying: more maneuvering space for a wheelchair (at least a square with a side of 1.5 m) the use of appropriate handrails for the disabled, which are installed: at the toilet bowl, at the washbasin, in the shower. Handrails for disabled people vary in shape and dimensions so that the toilet is best adapted to the needs of disabled people the use of a tilting mirror for the disabled toilet (allows you to change the angle of inclination, so that people standing or moving in wheelchairs can see through it) use of bathroom faucets for the disabled: here we recommend faucets with a lever (elongated handle) or non-contact faucets the use of bathroom accessories for the disabled: a toilet brush with an elongated handle, a toilet roll holder. Toilets for children - toilets for children are mainly found in nurseries, kindergartens and schools, but facilities for children are also increasingly found in public toilets, e.g. in shopping centers. The amenities used in them include, first of all, smaller toilet bowls, lower sinks or platforms (steps), which allow children to use the washbasin for adults. In the toilets for babies (also referred to as: a room with a changing table, a mother's room with a child) there is a changing table for infants for public facilities (wall changing tables, standing changing tables).

Toilets in Polish mass culture

Great Love for Grandma in the toilet performed by the Big Cyc music group "Public private toilet" in the Polish comedy series "Świat according to Kiepskich" the inscription "stupid kaowiec" in the movie Rejs the character of "King of Toiletries", Laska's father, one of the heroes of "Chłopaki nie crying". in one of the scenes of the movie Testosterone, a man with impeccable manners played by Tomasz Kot asks "I'm sorry, which way to the toilet?" Stand-up performed by Abelard Giza Fri. "Public toilets".


In Unicode, the toilet symole is found under the codes U + 1F6BD 🚽 TOILET and U + 1F6BE 🚾 WATER CLOSET.

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