Public toilet


August 13, 2022

Public toilet - a type of toilet installed in medium and long-distance means of public transport (trains, long-distance tourist buses, planes, ships), as well as in other public places - cafes and restaurants, offices, larger department stores, etc., as well as freestanding objects in city streets and squares, less often in villages. Freestanding toilets are most often referred to as city toilets. Usually, fees are charged for using these types of facilities. The female staff responsible for keeping these facilities clean and collecting fees are often jokingly referred to as toilet grandmothers. The male, humorous counterpart of the toilet grandmother is "kałboj". Most often, public toilets are divided into two rooms: for men, marked with a triangle symbol, and for women, marked with a circle symbol (often also with pictograms depicting the silhouette of a man and a woman). Additionally, urinals are installed in men's toilets.

Transportable toilets

One of the types of public toilets are mobile toilets, which are most often set up in places where mass events take place. In Poland, one of the most popular toilets of this type is toi toi. There are two types of toi toi toilets: regular and special - designed for people with disabilities (equipped with handrails at the walls and a flat floor).

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