August 13, 2022

Oxidizer - an element or a chemical compound (marked with the symbol [O]), which is an electron acceptor (receiving) in the analyzed redox reaction. In reactions, oxidants reduce their oxidation state (they are reduced) and at the same time cause its increase in the remaining reaction products (undergoing oxidation). Originally, the term "oxidiser" referred to a substance that gave off oxygen during its reaction with a reducing agent. With the advancement of chemistry, the meaning of the word has been extended to include all chemical entities that receive electrons during redox reactions. Examples of oxidants are sulfuric acid, nitric acid and nitrates, permanganates, dichromates, chlorates, aqua regia, halogens and combinations thereof (e.g., chlorine trifluoride), or hydrogen peroxide. Certain chemicals, traditionally considered oxidants, become reducing agents under certain conditions. These include, for example, chlorine and higher halogens, and hydrogen peroxide. Symbols of oxidizing substances

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