WWE Raw Women’s Championship


October 28, 2021

WWE Raw Women's Championship - a professional wrestling championship created and promoted by the WWE federation under the SmackDown brand. It is one of three major women's championships with the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship from the SmackDown brand and the NXT Women's Championship from the NXT brand. The current owner of the championship is Charlotte Flair, for whom this is a record sixth reign. The title was introduced as WWE Women's Championship at WrestleMania 32 on April 3, 2016, where it replaced the WWE Divas Championship developed eight years earlier. Charlotte became its first owner. The Championship shares no history with the previous Women's Championship. As a result of the 2016 draft, the title became the property of the Raw brand, and the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship was created for the SmackDown brand. It is the first women's title to be featured in a pay-per-view (Hell in a Cell) match night. In 2019, he was at stake for the night in a Winner Takes All match (along with SmackDown Women's Chamionship) at WWE Wrestlemania 35's flagship gala.


On April 3, 2016, a member of WWE Hall of Fame Lita appeared at the WrestleMania 32 Pre-show, where she presented the new title and announced that from now on players will be called like male players (Superstars), and not as before (Divas , from English Diva). Lita announced that the winner of the Triple Threat fight between WWE Divas champion Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks will become the first ever owner of the new title. Charlotte won the match, thus deactivating the Divas Championship. The championship title shared the name with the original Women's Championship. After the WWE split into brandy was restored in 2016, champion Charlotte was transferred to the Raw brand. The Federation decided to create the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship for the SmackDown brand, as a result of which the championship was renamed WWE Raw Women's Championship. In 2019, the existing WWE Development Territory NXT became the third major WWE brand, making the NXT Women's Championship the third major women's title in WWE.

Mastery Affiliation

Championship Belt Appearance

The championship belt is similar to the WWE Championship and WWE Universal Championship belts, but with a few details. It is white, smaller and fitted to a woman's waist. The federation logo in the center is placed on a red background. The inscription Women's Champion is placed under the logo. Like the WWE Championship, the women's title has two steel badges on the sides. With each change of the owner, the badges are changed to graphics characteristic for a wrestler.


Altogether there were twenty-two reigns among the ten female champions. The first owner was Charlotte, who won a triple threat fight against Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania 32. Charlotte has won the title six times, the most champions of all. Becky Lynch held the championship for the longest - 373 days (398 days, as WWE recognizes). Flair's fifth reign was the shortest of all, lasting only one day. Asuka is the oldest champion (38 years old) and Sasha Banks and Rhea Ripley are the youngest champions (24 years old). The current champion is Becky Lynch, who holds the championship for the second time. As a holder of the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship, she was transferred to the Raw brand as a result of Draft 2021. The then-Raw Women's champion Charlotte Flair exchanged the championship with her, due to the fact that Flair was transferred to SmackDown.



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