WWE Women’s Championship (1956–2010)


October 17, 2021

The WWE Women's Championship was a professional wrestling championship promoted by the World Wrestling Entertainment federation. Created in 1956, it was the oldest active WWE Championship title in history until it was deactivated in 2010 in favor of the WWE Divas Championship. The new WWE Women's Championship was launched in 2016, and despite the same name, the newer version does not continue the original biography.


The WWE Women's Championship was originally known as the NWA World Women's Championship from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). In 1956, The Fabulous Moolah became the first champion by winning it on September 18 as a date recognized by World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE Women's Championship was an alternate to the NWA World Women's Chamionship (which is active to this day). In 1983, the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) ended its partnership with the NWA and recognized the owner of the World Women's Championship The Fabulous Moolah as its own champion. According to WWF, the reign of the Moolah lasted less than 28 years. WWF later changed the title to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Women's Championship. In 1990, the title went inactive after Rockin 'Robin retracted the title from the federation. In December 1993, the championship was revived with Alundra Blayze winning the Women's Championship, but the title went dormant again when Blayze surprisingly signed with the World Championship Wrestling. Still a champion, she threw the championship belt in the trash can during an episode of WCW Monday Nitro. The championship was revived once again in September 1998, when Jacqueline defeated Sable to win the title. After WWF was renamed WWE in 2002, the title was also renamed WWE Women's Championship. For a while, the WWE Undisputed Championship and WWE Women's Championship were the only titles defended on Raw and SmackDown, while all other titles belonged to one of the brands. As a result of splitting the roster into two brands, the Women's Championship went exclusively to the Raw brand. On June 24, 2007, Candice Michelle became the first WWE Diva Search winner to win a championship, and she defeated Melina at Vengeance: Night of Champions. The title was the only title for female wrestlers until July 4, 2008, when the WWE Divas Championship was created for the SmackDown brand. On April 13, 2009, the Women's Championship became exclusive to the SmackDown brand as reigning champion Melina moved from Raw to Smackdown during Draft 2009. On June 28, on The Bash, Michelle McCool became the first Diva to own a Divas and Women's Championship. Historically, both titles may include Mickie James, Melina, Beth Phoenix, and Layla among their achievements. Michelle McCool and Melina are the only women in WWE history to have won both championships on several occasions. On August 30, 2010, it was announced on Raw that the championship would be unified with the Divas Championship at Night of Champions. The match was won by Michelle McCool and the titles unified to form the Unified WWE Divas Championship, deactivating the Women's Championship and continuing the Divas Championship.

Mastery Affiliation

With the roster split into two brands on March 25, 2002, all titles became exclusive to the Raw and SmackDown brands. Below is a table showing the history of the title transfer:


The first champion was The Fabulous Moolah, who defeated Judy Grable on September 18, 1956. Moolah held the title for a record 10 consecutive years, while WWE recognizes her as 27 years. Additionally, she held the belt the most, 8 times, while WWE recognizes Trish Stratus as the record holder with the title 7 times. Mickie James had the championship for the shortest. April 24, 2007, Jame

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