August 13, 2022

Venantius - male name of Latin origin. It comes from the word venans - "hunting". Its collateral form is Wenanty. Venantius celebrates his name day on April 1, May 18, August 5, October 13 and December 14. Female Equivalent: Venance Famous people with this name: Venantius of Delminium (died 257) - a Catholic saint Venantius Fortunatus (c. 530 - c. 600), poet, bishop, saint Wenancjusz Domagała - professor of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, pathomorphologist, co-author of the academic textbook "Pathology means a word about disease" Venance Grumel (1890–1967) - French consumerist, historian, Byzantine scientist Ceará, proper. Marcos Venâncio de Albuquerque (born 1980) - Brazilian defender Venantius of Salvemec, translator from Greek in the novel The Name of the Rose San Venanzo