Wikipedia: Administrators


October 28, 2021

Administrators (sometimes called sysops) - a group of committed and trustworthy users who have been granted additional privileges by the decision of the community. The tools used by administrators do not give editorial control over Wikipedia, they serve primarily order and preventive purposes. Administrators can also help edit Wikipedia, especially for novices. Before asking a question, however, please see the FAQ.

Contact with administrators

Requests to Administrators page Discord messenger IRC: irc: // - administrators are distinguished graphically (voice permission). Depending on the client, it may be a + symbol in front of the nickname (username) or a circle in a given color. Most often, such people will be at the top of the list of users present on the channel. the administrator's talk page - (discussion) in the "Contact" column on the administrators list. Active administrators are visible in the delete log and lock logs. You can also ask Wikipedia-related questions on the Help: Novice Questions page, where active Wikipediaists answer. Note to administrators: Each administrator is required to provide an active e-mail address in the preferences, thus allowing blocked people to contact. You are also welcome to include this address on your user page.

Administrator privileges

Administrators' rights: edit fully secured pages (e.g. home page, MediaWiki pages) and move non-transferable pages; Related Pages: List of Blocked Pages, List of Blocked Article Names, Register of Blocked Pages change of the security level of the website hiding revert from recent revisions in the event of mass vandalism (when revert is still visible in the user's contribution and page history). To do this, add & bot 1 to the end of the URL of the user contribution page whose changes are hidden, for example After displaying the page with added parameter bot 1, you can use [back] links, which restores previous versions of articles. Neither the changes made by the vandal nor the information about the rollback of the previous version will be visible in the list of recent changes. The only way to see them is to click the show bots also link. viewing the history of deleted pages and deleted user input page deletion and restoration, including mass deletion blocking and unblocking IP addresses, ranges and logged in users (local unlocking of global locks) granting and revoking editor and auto viewer rights access to the list of websites unobserved by any user (more susceptible to vandalism) preventing files from being displayed in articles (only the link to the file appears) via the MediaWiki page: Bad image list sending mass messages via the MassMessage special page to all users who are saved in a particular recipient list (all lists are available in the Mass message recipient list category) linking page histories setting up user accounts under restricted names importing pages from other Wikimedia Foundation wikis, keeping the full history of changes. The register of operations performed is available on the Special: Register / import page. Rights, which also have editorial rights to roll back all changes of a given user to the last version approved by another user. All operations performed by administrators must comply with Wikipedia rules and recommendations.

Loss of permissions

There are five situations that may result in the loss of administrative rights: administrator inactivity self-resignation a

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