Wikipedia: CEE Spring 2022 / Serbia, Erzja, Poland, Tatars


May 28, 2022

The fifth week - Serbia, Erzja, Poland and the Tatars

The CEE Spring 2022 round is dedicated to Serbia, Erza, Poland and Tatars from April 18 to April 24. During this edition, we create and correct entries related to these topics. The person who writes the most entries this week with the size of min. 2 kB, will receive a voucher to an online bookstore worth PLN 100.

Basic rules

In order for a slogan to be included in the competition, it must meet the basic Wikipedia rules and be included in the list of entries on the website of the given round. The password must be at least 2kB in size. On the article talk page, place the {{CEE Spring 2022}} template as instructed on the template page. In the country parameter, please enter a given country, community, region or language from the list in the template description. Warning! If the country parameter (and other template parameters) are not completed correctly, the bot may fail the contest password! Remember that at the end of the competition, the prize will also be awarded to the author of the largest number of entries about women and the largest number of entries displayed in the Did you know column. Detailed competition rules can be found in the Competition Regulations available on the Wikimedia Polska website.

Password Suggestions

Suggestions for slogans about Erzja Suggestions for slogans about Poland Suggestions for slogans about Serbia Suggestions of slogans about Tatars


There are 4 days left until the end of the competition. There are 412 articles left for the target, which is 103 articles per day. Good luck! Add to the appropriate list according to the formula # ({{subst: PAGESIZE: Article name}}) [[Article name]] - User name Also, do not forget to insert (in the article discussion) the {{CEE Spring 2022}} template, following the filling instructions provided on the template page.

New Articles