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October 17, 2021

Wikipedia is created by a spontaneously emerging and constantly evolving community. This community is made up of people who have established bonds based on a common goal of action (see Wikimedia's vision) and professed values ​​(see free culture, the spirit of Wikipedia), namely Wikipedia. The Wikipedia community is meritocratic, egalitarian, decentralized, and participatory management. As a rule, it is not democratic (primacy of sources and discussions over votes), bureaucratic (exceptions to the rules), and not anarchy (there are specific ways of resolving conflicts). There is no central editorial board, and no specific person (or persons) to represent the community externally. When it comes to writing an encyclopedia (editing entry-level articles), community governing mechanisms favor those who have reliable, up-to-date sources on the topic. They do not have to present their titles, professional achievements or functions.

Basic Concepts

Names, or where these words come from

"Wikipedia" is a neologism that arose from the combination of the words Wikipedia and encyclopedist. Less common Wikipedia terms, used especially in external correspondence, are "editor", "Wikipedia editor" or "one of Wikipedia's creators". "Wikimedian" comes from the word Wikimedia, a union of wiki and media words. Wikimedia Commons is not only the readers of Wikimedia projects, that is, readers, even if they report an error in an article. The group of wikipedists also does not include bots, i.e. programs that automatically edit Wikipedia after obtaining the required permission. Some Wikimedia sister projects use different names for the authors of these sites. For example, the author of Wikisource is referred to as "wikisource" and Wikinews - "vicireporter". Meanings, or groups and subgroups. "Hierarchy" (degrees of involvement) Wikimedians are people involved in the activities of the worldwide Wikimedia movement. They include, among others: employees of the Wikimedia organization and active volunteers-members of these organizations, programmers, external cooperation coordinators, GLAM project coordinators, some volunteers active in activities concerning all wiki sites (including users with global privileges, on example of stewards). Wikipediaists are: in a narrower sense - people involved in activities on Wikipedia (active in discussions, participating in meetings), in a broader sense - people editing Wikipedia (even occasionally, without involvement). people who only edit articles and are not interested in Wikipedia's "cuisine", people who are interested in Wikipedia's "cuisine" (they are e.g. editors or administrators of Wikipedia), but are not interested in the matters of the Wikimedia organization, people who are interested in Wikimedia matters, but only those to whom they belong (they are members of these organizations), wikimedian-non-wikipedists (and non-wikiscrows, etc.) - people "from the outside" who - without creating Wikipedia, Wikisource, etc. - got involved in the Wikimedia movement (example: some employees of the Wikimedia organization, some volunteers), people who deal with the matters of the entire Wikimedia movement, members of international bodies, people speaking on the international forum (who, if they started editing, often have little time to do so; some of them also include Wikimedia employees). they don't feel (are not) wikipedists and wikipedists who don't feel like wikimedians. The above-mentioned degrees of involvement

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