October 17, 2021

Wrestling (eng. Professional wrestling, pro wrestling; Polish. Professional wrestling, professional wrestling) - a type of sports entertainment with elements of martial arts and spectacle. She comes from a British type of fighting called a free American. The United States had the greatest influence on the shaping of wrestling. It is also popular in Mexico, where the lucha libre style was created, and in Japan, where the puroresu style was created. The fighting style presented by the players is based on classic wrestling and free-American. It is also enriched with spectacular moves unique to wrestling, such as levers, throws and air actions. Some maneuvers actually require the cooperation of both wrestlers. Sometimes various types of items are used in fights, such as chairs, tables and ladders - especially in the bloody variety of wrestling called hardcore wrestling. Wrestling is a directed show. Usually, it is accompanied by a storyline, and players and other actors during the galas, such as managers, play characters called gimmicks. For the regular galas program, the plot may extend over more than one episode. Competitors often improvise in the ring, but the results of the fights and some important moments are planned in advance. An important part of wrestling is kayfabe, which is the principle of presenting events taking place during the galas as authentic. In the past, the backstage of wrestling was a secret, and wrestlers even played characters in public places outside of gala events. Currently, kayfabe is loosely followed. Vince McMahon, president of WWE, the largest federation of wrestling in the United States, stated in 1989 to the New Jersey state senate that wrestling should be defined as an activity in which participants struggle by cooperating primarily to entertain viewers, not to measure in fair athletic competitions. At the same time, he advocated not recognizing wrestling as a sport. Despite the directed nature of the performance, it is dangerous. In the past, there have been many serious injuries, loss of life and increasing health problems caused by injuries sustained during duels. Although in English wrestling means wrestling in a general sense, in Polish it is commonly used to refer to it this way only for shows in which the staged elements outweigh the authenticity.


Wrestling has its roots in wrestling, which is an authentic sport. One of the first documented attempts to combine wrestling and spectacle took place in France around 1830. Pseudonym wrestlers traveled with circus troupes and challenged the public. Cash prizes were offered to those who managed to beat the circus competitor. Sometimes a person from the audience was substituted. In the 1830s, Irish immigrants popularized a free American woman in the United States. In America, wrestlers challenged audiences at festivals in a form similar to the circus wrestling in Europe. With the growing popularity of circus players, fights between wrestlers began to be organized. Most often they were based on the classical Greco-Roman style, but with elements of the free style. They ended up knocking the opponent down or achieving a clear technical advantage by one of the players. There were disqualifications for brutality and illegal tricks. Sometimes the judges called a draw, which was a way to stimulate the emotions of the audience and encourage them to return to the rematch. Over the years, in order to make the show more attractive for the audience, the promoters began to add more and more theater elements to it. The main inspiration was vaudeville. In the first decade of the 20th century, the popularity of stocks in Europe

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