October 19, 2021

1453 (MCDLIII, in Roman numerals) was a common year of the 15th century of the Julian Calendar, from the Age of Christ, and its Sunday letter was G (52 weeks), it began on a Monday and ended also on a Monday.


January 20 — Donation of the island of Corvo to Afonso I, Duke of Bragança who sends three dozen colonists under the orders of Antão Vaz de Azevedo to start the settlement of the island. March 22 — The Holy Shroud is acquired by Louis, Duke of Savoy. May 29—Fall of Constantinople; Ottoman Sultan Muhammad II the Conqueror conquers Constantinople after a six-week siege, bringing an end to the Eastern Roman Empire, an event that is often used to mark the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Modern Age. Morea Revolt of 1453–1454, in Despotado da Moreia, the last Byzantine territory in Europe. Mohammed XI, El Chiquito becomes the 19th born king of Grenada; he will reign until his death in 1455. End of the Hundred Years War between France and England. Beginning of settlement on the island of Flores, Azores.


June 10 — Francesco Soderini, Italian diplomat and cardinal, dean of the College of Cardinals (d. 1524). September 15 — Infante Afonso of Castile, apparently several times considered Prince of Asturias, heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Castile (d. 1468). October 13—Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and heir to Henry VI of England (d. 1471). Afonso de Albuquerque, Admiral and Viceroy of Portuguese India (d. 1515). João Fernandes Farmer, Portuguese navigator and explorer, who gave his name to the Canadian region of Labrador (d. 1505).


January 9 — Stefano Porcari, Italian nobleman who in 1452 led a revolution against the Pope (n. 1400). April 24 — Carlo Marsuppini (Carlo Arentino), humanist and chancellor of the Republic of Florence (b. 1399). May 29—Constantine XI Palaiologos, last Byzantine Emperor (b. 1404). June 4— Giovanni Giustiniani Longo, Genoese diplomat and military man who commanded the Genoese troops who sided with the Byzantines in the siege of Constantinople. (n. 1385). October 7 -- Koga Kiyomichi, kuge (nobleman of the Japanese court) of the Muromachi Period of Japanese history. (b. 1393). December 24—John Dunstable, English composer (b. 1390). Mohammed IX, 15th Nasrid King of Grenada, who reigned on four occasions between 1419 and his death (b. 1396).


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