October 19, 2021

1471 (MCDLXXI, in Roman numerals) was a common year of the 15th century of the Julian Calendar, from the Age of Christ, and its Sunday letter was F (52 weeks), it began on a Tuesday and ended also on a Tuesday. fair.


12th of February - Appointment of Estevão Vaz as the first vicar of the island of São Miguel. Extinction of the nickname "Azinhal" in Madeira Island. May 4 - War of the Roses: The deposed Edward regained the support of the Duke of Clarence and printed an expressive victory at the Battle of Barnet, where Edward IV was again sworn in as King of England. João de Santarém and Pêro Escobar cross the Equator and discover the Southern Hemisphere, starting the navigation guided by Cruzeiro do Sul. They go from the Gulf of Guinea to the mouth of the Niger.


May 21 - Albrecht Dürer, German painter († 1528).


April 14 - Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, the king maker of the war of the roses (in battle) (b. 1428). May 4 - Edward Prince of Wales at the Battle of Tewksbury (b. 1453). 21st or 22nd May - King Henry VI of England, assassinated in the Tower of London (n. 1421). December 17 - Isabel of Portugal, Duchess of Burgundy (n. 1397). Maria Portocarreiro, VII Lady of Moguer. Pachacuti Inca, 9th Inca Emperor of Cusco 25th of July - Thomas de Kempis, German monk and writer (b. 1380).


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