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1514 (MDXIV in Roman numerals) was a common year of the 16th century of the Julian Calendar, from the Age of Christ, its Sunday letter was A (52 weeks), it began on a Sunday and ended also on a Sunday.


March - Louis XII of France signs peace with Emperor Maximilian I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. 12 March - 2nd Sunday of Lent - Solemn entry into Rome of the impressive embassy sent by King Manuel I of Portugal to Pope Leo X. June 12 Creation of the Diocese of Funchal by Bula Pro Excelenti and election of D. Diogo Pinheiro as its Bishop. Transfer of the parish headquarters of the Church of Nossa Senhora do Calhau to the Cathedral in Funchal. June 18 - Elevation of the place of Nordeste, island of São Miguel, to the category of village. July - Peace between England and France. September 15 - King Dom Manuel grants a charter to Montijo, a place known then as Aldeia Gallega or Aldeia Gallega do Ribatejo or Aldegalega, renewing it 4 months later, on January 17, 1515. September 17 – Alvará determining that the captains of the islands of the Azores obey the magistrate. October 9 - The marriage between Louis XII of France and Maria Tudor (Queen Consort of France) is celebrated.* Creation of the Bishopric of Funchal and Creation of the Ecclesiastical Chamber in the same city. Donation of the Santos Reis Chapel (Funchal) to the Funchal City Hospital. Letter from Frei Nuno Cão to the King requesting an opinion on the work on the tower of the Funchal church. In Portugal, Forais de Armamar, Préstimo, Anadia, Avelãs de Caminho, Óis do Bairro, São Lourenço do Bairro, Sangalhos, Alvarenga, Pinheiro da Bemposta, Vale de Cambra, Midões and Alhos Vedros. Letter from King Manuel I of Portugal, naming knight João Dias Ximenes, from Terceira, who had fought with courage in the Battle of Azamor. The Ottoman Empire seizes Kurdistan.


December 31 - Andreas Vesalius, Belgian anatomist.


January 9 - Anne, Duchess of Brittany and Queen Consort of France (b. 1477). March 11 - Donato d'Angelo Bramante, Italian painter. November 28 - Hartmann Schedel, German cartographer. Vicente Yáñez Pinzón, Spanish explorer.

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