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1572 (MDLXXII, in Roman numerals) was a leap year in the Julian Calendar, from the Age of Christ, and its Sunday letters were F and E (52 weeks), it began on a Tuesday and ended on a Wednesday.


D. Sebastião de Portugal, attending an exhibition by the Municipality of Angra, ordered the construction of two forts, one in the port of Pipas and the other in Fanais, to the detriment of what he had been proposed to build on the tip of Monte Brasil, by " people who had a lot of news and experience of the fortification works". The epic poem Os Lusíadas, by Luís de Camões, is published. Henry IV of France marries Marguerite de Valois. Volcanic eruption on the island of Pico, Azores. Possession of the Bishop of Angra, D. Gaspar de Faria, Terceira island, Azores. Foundation of the parish of São Bento, in a small temple that gave rise to the current Church of São Bento, Angra do Heroísmo. Elevation to the parish of the Church of São Pedro de Angra. May - Election of Pope Gregory XIII. August 24 - St. Bartholomew's Night Massacre in Paris. September 13 at night - A storm destroys D. Sebastião's armada: (according to Oliveira Martins) sent to the aid of Carlos IX against the Turks and Lutherans; or (according to Eduardo Alberto Correia Ribeiro) destined to go to India with the King himself wanting to imitate the military successes of D. Luís de Ataíde.


Blessed André de Soveral (d. 1645) Manuel Álvares, professor of Portuguese philosophy (d. 1665) January 22 - John Donne, English metaphysical poet. (m.1631) February 15 - Michael Praetorius, German organist and composer (d. 1621) 4th of July - Ludwig Jungermann, German physician and botanist (d. 1653)


March 2 - Mem de Sá, governor general of Brazil (n. 1500). 1st of May - Saint Pius V (n. 1504) August 24 - Gaspar II de Coligny, French admiral and Huguenot leader (b. 1519)

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