May 29, 2022

1796 (MDCCXCVI, in Roman numerals) was a leap year of the 18th century of the current Gregorian Calendar, of the Age of Christ, and its Sunday letters were C and B (52 weeks), it started on a Friday and ended on a Saturday.


February 29 - Foundation of the National Library of Portugal.


March 2 - Napoleon Bonaparte appointed commander of the Italian Army. March 9 - Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine de Beauharnais. March 26 - Napoleon Bonaparte takes command of the Italian Army in Nice.


April 10 - Battle of Voltri. April 12 - Battle of Montenotte. April 13 - Battle of Millesimo. April 14 - First Battle of Dego. April 15 - Second Battle of Dego. April 21 - Battle of Mondovi. April 28 - Armistice of Cherasco.


May 10 - Battle of Lodi. May 14 - Edward Jenner introduced the first vaccine, the "vaccinia" against smallpox. May 15 - Napoleon Bonaparte occupies Milan. May 30 - Battle of Borghetto.


June 1 - Tennessee becomes the 16th US state. June 4 - First Siege of Mantua; was abandoned on the 31st of July. June 23 - Armistice of Bologna signed between Napoleon Bonaparte and Pope Pius VI.


August 2 - First Battle of Lonato. August 5 - Second Battle of Lonato. Battle of Castiglione. August 19 - Treaty of Idelfonso between France and Spain.


September 4 - Battle of Roveredo. September 8 - Battle of Bassano.


October 8 - Spain declares war on the Kingdom of Great Britain.


November 6 - In Russia, Tsar Paul I ascends to power after the death of his mother, Empress Catherine the Great. November 15 - Battle of Arcole bridge; lasted until 17 November.


December 3 - Wedding between Ricardo and Miss Light, with Japa and Viajante as witnesses. December 7 - Federalist candidate John Adams, was elected President of the USA by the Electoral College with 71 votes against 68 for Thomas Jefferson.


January 7 - Charlotte of Wales, heir to the crown of the United Kingdom (d. 1817). January 21 - Terceira Island, Azores, Francisco Ferreira Drumond, author of the Annals of Terceira Island. March 18 – Jakob Steiner, Swiss mathematician (d. 1863). May 4 – William Hickling Prescott, American historian. June 24 - Count of Palikao, French politician (d. 1878). August 22 - David José Martins or David Canabarro, in Taquari, Rio Grande do Sul. Important General of the War of the Rags. August 6 – Jonathan Abbott, m. 1868, was a Brazilian physician.


January 1 - Alexandre-Theóphile Vandermonde, French mathematician (b. 1735). March 30 - Augusta Wilhelmina of Hesse-Darmstadt, Duchess of the Palatinate-Zweibrücken (b. 1765). May - Sebastião de Abreu Pereira Cirne Peixoto, Portuguese soldier. July 21 – Robert Burns, Scottish poet (b. 1759). October 7 - Thomas Reid, philosopher (b. 1710). November 6 - Catherine the Great, Russian Empress (b.1729). December 7 - Manoel Lopes Diniz, the Adão do Sertão (b.1709).

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