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1841 (MDCCCXLI, in Roman numerals) was a common year of the 19th century of the current Gregorian Calendar, from the Age of Christ, and its Sunday letter was C, had 52 weeks, beginning on a Friday and also ending on a Friday. fair.


Thomas Cook organizes the first tour (from London to Leicester), thus starting one of the first travel agencies in the world. James Ross discovers Antarctica.


January 26 - During the Opium War, England occupies the territory of Hong Kong, which is thus under British rule.


February 11 - The Ottoman Sultan accepts the treaty with Muhammad Ali, who thus obtains Egypt as a hereditary kingdom, acquiring full autonomy from the Ottoman Empire. February 15 – Appointment of Dr. António José Ferreira de Sousa as vicar general of the Diocese of Angra, Terceira island.


March 4 - William H. Harrison is sworn in as President of the United States


April 4 - Death of US President William H. Harrison, who had taken office just a month earlier. He is replaced by John Tyler.


May 3 - New Zealand is proclaimed a British colony, following the Treaty of Waitangi signed the previous year.


15th June – Segunda Caída da Praia - earthquakes of 15th June in Praia da Vitória and Fontinhas, Terceira island, Azores.


July 18 - Dom Pedro II was crowned Emperor of Brazil.


November 2 - Beginning of the second Afghan war, after the massacre of British officers.


Indefinite - Creation of the first Advertising Agency in Boston, United States, by Volney Palmer.


January 14 - Berthe Morisot French Impressionist painter. (d. 1895) February 15 - Manuel Ferraz de Campos Sales, president of Brazil (d. 1913) February 25 - Pierre-Auguste Renoir, French Impressionist painter (d. 1919). June 2 - Federico Zandomeneghi, Italian Impressionist painter. (d. 1917) July 29 - Gerhard Armauer Hansen, Norwegian physician (d. 1912). Jules Henri Fayol, founder of the Classical Theory of Administration (d. 1925). August 4 - Manoel de Mello Cardoso Barata, Brazilian politician (d. 1916). August 25 - Emil Theodor Kocher, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1909 (d. 1917). 8 September - Antonín Dvořák, Czech musician (d. 1904). September 28 - Georges Clemenceau, French politician (d. 1929). October 4 - Prudente de Morais, president of Brazil (d. 1902) October 16 - Ito Hirobumi, was prime minister of Japan (d. 1909). November 6 - Armand Fallières, president of France from 1906 to 1913 and prime minister in 1883 (d. 1931). November 9 - King Edward VII of the United Kingdom (d. 1910). November 20 - Wilfrid Laurier, Canadian statesman (d. 1919). 20 November - François Légitime, president of Haiti from 1879 to 1888 (d. 1935). December 10 - António de Sousa Hilário, Portuguese journalist and writer (d. ??).


February 15 - Romualdo de Sousa Coelho, bishop of Belém do Pará (n. 1762). June 1 - Nicolas Appert, French (b. 1749). July 27 - Mikhail Lérmontov, Russian poet and novelist (b. 1814). 13 November Carolina of Baden, Queen of Bavaria (b. 1776).

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