December 8, 2021

1898 (MDCCCXCVIII, in Roman numerals) was a common year of the 19th century of the current Gregorian Calendar, from the Age of Christ, and its Sunday letter was B (52 weeks), it began on a Saturday and ended also on a Saturday.



January 29 - The Amazonian municipality of Benjamin Constant is founded, the name of the municipality was given - at the suggestion of General Cândido Rondon, when he headed the Mixed Committee of Letícia - in honor of General Benjamin Constant Botelho de Magalhães, the promoter of the movement of November 15, 1889, which proclaimed the Republic.


February 15 - Battleship USS Maine explodes in Havana; triggering the Spanish-American War, between the United States and Spain. February 25 - Foundation of the French vehicle factory Renault by Louis Renault.


March 1 - Campos Salles is elected president of Brazil


May 20 - Inauguration of the Vasco da Gama Aquarium, in Portugal. May 28 - Italian photographer Secondo Pia takes the first photographs of the Holy Shroud.


July 1—Spanish-American War: Battle of San Juan Hill is fought in Santiago de Cuba.


August 21st - Foundation of the Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama in the city of Rio de Janeiro August 24 - The Pepsi-Cola soft drink brand is created.


September 10 - assassination of Empress Sissi on the Les Pâquis pier in Geneva


November 15 - Campos Salles takes office as president of Brazil, replacing Prudente de Morais.



January 2 - St. Brother Jaime Hilario, Catholic saint and martyr. (d. 1937) January 3 - Luís Carlos Prestes, Brazilian communist militant (d. 1990) January 23 - Alvar Aalto, Finnish architect (d. 1976) January 14 - Juarez Távora Military and Brazilian Politician (d. 1975) February 18 - Enzo Ferrari the founder of Ferrari (d. 1988) February 20 - Francisco Matarazzo Sobrinho, Italian-Brazilian industrialist, politician and patron (d. 1977) March 2 - Amélia Rey Colaço, Portuguese director and actress (theatre) (d. 1990). March 4 - Georges Dumézil, French philologist (d. 1986). March 5th Misao Okawa, oldest person in the world (d. 2015). Zhou Enlai, Chinese revolutionary and politician (d. 1976). March 12 - Peregrino Júnior, Brazilian physician and writer (d. 1983). April 1st William James Sidis, child prodigy of the United States (d. 1944) Roger Bastide, French sociologist (d. 1974) April 6 - Jeanne Hébuterne, French painter (d.1920) April 11 - Jerônimo Mazzarotto, Catholic bishop (d. 1999) April 23 - Valentín Paz-Andrade, Galician writer, poet and journalist (d. 1987). May 8 - Galileo Emendabili, Italian-Brazilian sculptor (d. 1974) 7th of June - Virgulino Ferreira da Silva (Lampião), most famous cangaceiro in Brazil (d. 1938) June 24 - David Toro Ruilova, president of Bolivia from 1936 to 1937 (d. 1977). July 19 - Herbert Marcuse, German sociologist, naturalized North American (d. 1979) August 19 - Francisco Alves, Brazilian singer(m.1952) 3rd of September - Alves dos Reis, greatest fraud in Portuguese history (d. 1955) October 18 - Leopoldo de Almeida, Portuguese sculptor (1975) November 21 - René Magritte, Belgian painter (d. 1967) November 24 - Liu Shaoqi, Chinese revolutionary and politician (d. 1969) December 6 - Alfred Eisenstaedt, American photographer (d. 1995) December 22 - Vladimir Fock, Soviet physicist (d. 1974). November 29 - C.S. Lewis, English writer, author of The Chronicles of Narnia (d. 1963) December 30 - Luís da Câmara Cascudo, historian, folklorist, anthropologist, lawyer and Brazilian journalist (d. 1986) ? - Paul Samuilovich Urysohn, Russian mathematician ? - Ludwig Bemelmans, painter July 22 - Alexander Calder, American plastic artist (d. 1976) May 16 - Jean Fautrier, chick

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