July 6, 2022

1914 (MCMXIV, in Roman numerals) was a common year of the 20th century of the current Gregorian Calendar, of the Age of Christ, and its Sunday letter was D (53 weeks), it started on a Thursday and also ended on a Thursday -fair.



January 1 - On the route between Tampa and St. Petersburg (two cities in Florida), the first trip in the history of commercial aviation takes place and pilot Tony Jannus becomes the first commander of an airline. Sedition in Juazeiro, Ceará, takes the Acioly family back to power.


February 2 - Foundation of Paysandu Sport Club. February 3 - Foundation of Santa Cruz Futebol Clube. February 8 - Second Battle of Contestado. State and federal military forces attack and take Taquaruçu.


March 1 - Brazil's seventh Presidential Election takes place. March 9 - Third Battle of Contestado: Government forces suffer a major defeat of the "contestados" in Caraguatá. The federal government changes its strategy to fight the revolt.


May 29 – Canadian ocean liner RMS Empress of Ireland collides with a cargo ship near the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada and sinks killing 1,012 people. May 30 - Cunard Line's British ocean liner RMS Aquitania begins its maiden voyage from Liverpool, England to New York, United States, at 274 meters in length, becomes the largest ship in the British merchant fleet. He ends up having one of the longest careers on the Cunard Line, reaching and serving in two world wars and retiring in 1949 with a long career spanning 36 years of service. It was dismantled in Faslane, Scotland in 1950.


June 2 - Ceará Sporting Club, a Brazilian football club, is founded. June 28 – Heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Franz Ferdinand, is assassinated by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. The Archduke's assassination was the trigger for the conflict between the great European powers.


July 23 - Ultimatum of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the Kingdom of Serbia. July 28 - Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on the Kingdom of Serbia; Start of the First World War. July 29 - Beginning of the bombing of Belgrade. July 31 - Secret pact between the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire.


August 1 - German Empire declares war on Russian Empire. The German Empire and the Ottoman Empire sign a secret alliance treaty, the Treaty of Constantinople. Sweden's Declaration of Neutrality August 2 - German Empire declares war on Belgium; the German Army enters Luxembourg; The Kingdom of Italy declares neutrality. August 3 - German Empire declares war on France; Kingdom of Romania declares neutrality. August 4 - France declares war on the German Empire; German troops enter Belgium; the United Kingdom declares war on the German Empire. August 5 - Montenegro declares war on Austro-Hungarian Empire; the Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on the Russian Empire. August 10 - France declares war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. August 12 - United Kingdom declares war on Austro-Hungarian Empire; Battle of Halen, Belgium; start of the first invasion of Serbia by the forces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - the invasion ended August 25; beginning of the Battle of Cer that ended on August 21. August 16 - Fall of Liege, which was surrounded by German troops since August 4th. August 17 - Battle of Stallupönen, East Prussia - German forces win over Russian forces. August 18 - Beginning of the invasion of Galicia (part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire) by Russian forces. August 20 - German troops occupy Brussels. August 21 - Completion of the Battle of Cer, which began on August 12 - victory of Serbian forces over the