December 8, 2021

1929 (MCMXXIX, in Roman numerals) was an ordinary 20th-century year of the current Christian-era Gregorian Calendar. His Sunday letter was F (52 weeks). It started on a Tuesday and ended on a Tuesday as well. Year in which a great global economic depression began, the beginning of which was marked by the crash of the New York Stock Exchange (see also Crisis of 1929).


February 11 - Lateran Treaty in which Italy recognizes the sovereignty of the Holy See over the Vatican, declared a sovereign, neutral and inviolable State. May 16 - First Oscar Awards take place in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. October 29 - Black Tuesday marks the beginning of the Great Depression. November 15th - The National Convention of the Assemblies of God in Brazil is founded in Rio de Janeiro by Pastor Paulo Leivas Macalão. Herbert Hoover assumes the presidency of the United States for the period from 1929 to 1933. The Liberal Alliance is formed to dispute the 1930 presidential election, forming the ticket Getúlio Vargas, president, and João Pessoa, as vice-president.


January 6 - Babrak Karmal, President of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan from 1979 to 1986 (d. 1996) January 11 - Nicoletta Orsomando, Italian announcer and actress. January 15 - Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., American civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize 1964 (d. 1968). February 2 - Carlos Alberto Lacoste, military and interim president of Argentina in 1981 (d. 2004). February 21 - Roberto Gómez Bolaños (Chespirito), actor, singer, comedian, composer, designer, television director, playwright, engineer, writer, philanthropist, comedian, painter, poet, television producer, advertising and screenwriter in Mexico (m. 2014). March 8: Hebe Camargo, Brazilian presenter (m. 2012) March 9 - Desmond Hoyte, president of Guyana from 1985 to 1992 (d. 2002). May 12 - Sam Nujoma, president of Namibia from 1990 to 2005. June 12 - Anne Frank, German Holocaust victim and world-renowned after the posthumous publication of her Diary (d. 1945) June 23 - Mario Ghella, Italian cyclist. June 29 - Pat Crawford Brown, American actress. (m. 2019) July 2 - Imelda Marcos, Filipino politician; former First Lady of the Philippines. 4th of July - Darío Castrillón Hoyos, Colombian Cardinal (d. 2018). 7th of July - Mário Sérgio, Brazilian actor. 8th of July - Audálio Dantas, Brazilian journalist (d. 2018). July 10 - Eunice Michiles, professor and Brazilian politician. 11th of July - Hargreaves da Costa Macedo, Portuguese architect. July 12 - Martha Ofelia Galindo, Mexican actress. July 14 - Eduardo Lizalde, Mexican writer, poet and academic. 18th of July - Sequeira Costa, classical Portuguese pianist. (m. 2019) August 1 - Hafizullah Amin, President of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in 1979 (d. 1979) August 7 - Don Larsen, American baseball player. (d. 2020). August 8 - Luis García Meza Tejada, president of Bolivia from 1980 to 1981 (d. 2018). August 24 - Yasser Arafat, Palestinian leader (d. 2004). October 16 - Fernanda Montenegro, Brazilian actress. October 19 - Raul Solnado, comedian, TV presenter and actor (d. 2009). October 20 - Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, Maharaja of the Kingdom of Bhutan from 1952 to 1972 (d. 1972).


January 6 - Maria Cristina of Austria, Queen Consort and Regent of Spain from 1885 to 1902 (b. 1858). 4th of April - João Franco, Portuguese politician and statesman (b. 1855). December 17 - Manuel de Oliveira Gomes da Costa, military, politician and president of the Portuguese Republic in 1926 (b. 1863). December 20 - Émile Loubet, president of France from 1899 to 1906 and prime minister in 1892 (b. 1838).

Nobel Prize

Physics - Prince Louis-Victor Pierre Raymond de Broglie. Chemistry - Arthur Harden, Hans Karl August Simon von Euler-Chelpin. Physiology or Medicine - Christiaan

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