May 29, 2022

1944 (MCMXLIV, in Roman numerals) was a leap year, with 366 days, of the Gregorian Calendar, its Sunday letters were B and A, totaling 52 weeks, starting on a Saturday and ending on a Sunday. Shrove Tuesday took place on February 22, Easter Sunday on April 9, and Corpus Christi Thursday on June 8.


January 3 - foundation of the Pará municipality of Ananindeua April 12 - Abdication of the King of Italy, Victor Emanuel III. June 6 - World War II: The Allies invade Normandy as part of Operation (D-Day) to liberate France from the Germans. late August - World War II: bombing of Königsberg FEB and FAB troops are sent to Europe and join the US Fifth Army in northern Italy. November 7 - Franklin D. Roosevelt wins the election for President of the United States for the fourth time. a strong eruption of mount vesuvius happens in italy.


January 12 – Carlos Villagrán, Mexican actor and comedian. January 23 – Rutger Hauer, Dutch actor (d. 2019). February 16 - António Mascarenhas Monteiro - president of Cape Verde from 1991 to 2001. March 24 - Vojislav Koštunica, President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 2000 to 2003. June 19 – Chico Buarque, Brazilian singer and songwriter August 9 – Sam Elliott, American actor. August 21 - Dom, singer and songwriter of the Brazilian duo Dom and Ravel (d. 2000)


February 1 - Alberto Maranhão, governor of the State of Rio Grande do Norte (b. 1872). February 29 - Pehr Evind Svinhufvud, 3rd President of Finland (b. 1861). April 9 - Celestina Catarina Faron - Blessed, Polish Catholic nun was killed by the Nazis in the Auschwitz extermination camp (b. 1913). April 28 - Bernardino Machado, Portuguese president (b. 1851) June 16 – Marc Bloch, French historian (b. 1886) July 6 – Chūichi Nagumo, Japanese admiral in the Imperial Navy (b. 1887) July 21 Henning von Tresckow, German general opposed to Nazism (b. 1901) Claus von Stauffenberg, German colonel of the Second World War (b. 1907) July 26 - Clovis Bevilacqua, Brazilian jurist July 31 – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French fighter pilot and writer (b. 1900) August 1 – Manuel Quezon, President of the Philippines from 1935 to 1944 (b. 1878) September 16 – Gustav Bauer, German politician (b. 1870) September 27 - Aimee Semple McPherson, founding pastor of the Foursquare Gospel Church in the United States and the Pentecostal denomination worldwide (b. 1890). October 2 - Alcides Maya, Brazilian journalist, writer and politician and member of the ABL (b. 1878) October 12 - Ramón S. Castillo, president of Argentina from 1942 to 1943 (b. 1873). October 15 - Eliseu Visconti, Brazilian painter (b. 1866) October 14 – Erwin Rommel, German marshal (b. 1891) November 7 – Richard Sorge, Russian journalist, spy for the Soviet Union (b. 1895) August 5 – Jędrzej Moraczewski, Polish politician (b. 1870)

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